The family of James Boardman and Sarah Clarkson
(3xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
  Alice KERSHAW    
Married   18/04/1830 St Mary the Virgin Prestwich  
Bd   Bd  
Bp 27/04/1806 St Leonard Middleton Bp 06/08/1809 St Peter's Blackley
Dd   Dd  
Bur 20/01/1869 St Leonard Middleton
Age 63
Bur 18/06/1838 St Leonard Middleton
Age 30
Occ Calico/Block Printer, Postman
Letter Carrier (P.O.)
 Their Children:
 1   Charles  Bp 01/08/1830 Middleton by Oldham
 2   Thomas  Bd ~1831
 3   Sarah Anne   Bp 07/12/1834 Middleton by Oldham
 4   John  Bp 25/03/1837 Middleton by Oldham
 5   James  Bp 18/06/1838 Middleton by Oldham



The birth record for son James shows that he was born on 6th April 1838 to James Boardman - Block Printer - and Sarah Boardman formerly Clarkson.  The address is given as Rhodes, Middleton.  Sarah died before the 1841 census.  She was buried on 18th June 1838 and her son James was baptised on the same day.

The appearance of an Elizabeth age 1 on the 1841 census could possibly mean she is a niece.  However no suitable birth or baptism record can be found for this child.

A short history of Blackley can be found at British History on-line by clicking here


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 Census James Boardman Sarah Clarkson
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