The family of Allen Bray and Ann ?
(5xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Richard BRAY   
   Elizabeth ALLIN   
Allen BRAY Ann ? 
Bd   Bd  
Bp 07/11/1721 Sharnford Bp  
Dd   Dd  
Bur 20/01/1754 Bur  
Occ   Occ  
 Their Children:
1   Elizabeth BRAY Bp 16/09/1750 Sharnford
2   Allen BRAY Bp 20/01/1754 Sharnford



It would appear from the Parish Records that Allen Bray Snr was buried on the same day that his son Allen was baptised. There is also a note in the register that his body was 'received at mortuary 10th' (10/01/1754).  However Allen Bray's will was written on the 16th January 1754.  The note in the Parish Register has been rechecked but the writing is very small and could possibly be 16th, 18th or 19th - a check of the Bishop's Transcripts is needed.

A transcript of Allen's will follows.  It would appear that it has been written before his son Allen was born as he is not mentioned.
The will of Allen Bray 1721 1754 Sharnford, Leicestershire
In the name of God Amen, I Allen Bray of Sharnford in the county of Leicester, Yeoman, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament in manner following (that is to say)
First I give and bequeath unto Ann my wife all my Household Goods, furniture and Implements of Household whatsoever.
Also I give and bequeath unto John Townsend of Aylston in the said County of Leicester, Miller, and William Bent of Gillmorton in the aforesaid County of Leicester, Blacksmith, All the rest of my Goods Cattle Chattells and personall Estate whatsoever after payment of my Debts and funeral Charges and all other Charges and Expenses incident thereto, Upon trust, and to the Intent and purpose that they Sell and dispose of the same, and the money thereby raised put out and Continue at Interest in their names and in the name of the Survivor of them his Ex[ecut]ors and Admi[inistrat]ors and with the Interest thereof bring up maintain? and Educate my Daughter Elizabeth Bray until she shall attain her age of one and twenty years, or Marry, which shall first happen and Imediately after she shall have attained her age of twenty one years or be Married which shall first happen my Will is and I Do hereby ?dend[order?] and Direct the said John Townsend and William Bent and the Survivor of them his Exors and Admors to pay all the principall money arising from my said? personall Estate and all the Interest that shall not be laid out on my said Daughter Unto her my said Daughter
And lastly I Do appoint the said John Townsend and William Bent Executors hereof
In witness whereof I the a[foresai]d? Allen Bray have hereunto Sett my hand and Seal the Sixteenth day of January 1754
The mark of Allen A Bray
Signed Sealed published and Declared by the above named Allen Bray as and for his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us who have hereunto Subscribed our names as witnesses at his request and in his presence
Thos Bray
Richard Holyoak

Who were William Bent and John Townsend?
Allen's mother (Elizabeth Allin) had several brothers and sisters.  There is a record of Margaret Allen (Allen's Aunt?) marrying a William Bent on the 8th Feb 1724 at Whetstone and there is a record of a child William Bent baptised at Gilmorton on 4th Feb 1732 to William and Margaret.  These two Williams were therefore probably Uncle and Cousin resp. to Allen.  Either could be the William Bent referred to in the will.
Elizabeth Allin also had a sister Anne Allin (another Aunt for Allen?) who married William Townsend on 18th May 1719 at Whetstone.  There are records of a John Townsend son of William and Anne being baptised on 4th July 1720 (died when?) and another on 5th December 1726 both at Aylestone.  This John was therefore probably a Cousin to Allen.



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