The family of Charles Higson and Frances
(4xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
Charles HIGSON  Frances 
Bd ~1743 Bd  
Bp   Bp  
Dd   Dd  
Bur 28/04/1820 Marton age 77 Bur  
Occ Labourer Occ  
 Their Children:
1   William HIXXON Bp 23/10/1804 Marton
2   Phoebe Bp 27/03/1807 Marton
3   Hannah Bp 16/12/1810 Marton
4   Samuel Bp 05/09/1819 Marton
5   Charles (illegitimate) Bp 18/11/1821 Marton



A Charles Higson married Mary Goddard on 13/11/1764 at Marton.  They had six children - 
Mary bp 28/09/1765, 
William bp 05/07/1767 and buried on 07/04/1787, 
Sarah bp 12/08/1769, 
Bridget bp 29/09/1771 and buried 27/04/1779, 
Elizabeth bp 13/03/1774 married William Masters (witnessed by John Masters and William Reeve)
Jane bp 17/03/1776 and married James Marriot on 19/06/1798 (witnessed by Charles Higson and William Reeve)
All of these children were baptised at Marton.  

Mary Goddard was buried on 23/08/1794.

We believe that the same Charles then 'met' Frances sometime between 1794 and 1804.  No record of a marriage has been found on the IGI or in the Parish Register for Marton.

Samuel (child no 4) married Eliza (1851 census Marton) and later Caroline (1881 census Stoneleigh)
Charles (child no 5) married Sophia (1881 census Birmingham).  The baptism entry says that his mother Frances is a widow and pauper.