The family of John Cross and Mary Wootten
(6xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
  George CROSS    
  Mary DUDLEY    
Married  26/10/1741 at Maxstoke, Warwickshire
Bd   Bd ~1720
Bp 30/10/1714 Maxstoke Bp  
Dd 18/01/1803 Maxstoke age 88 Dd 24/10/1802 Maxstoke age 82
Bur 22/01/1803 Bur 28/10/1802
Occ   Occ  
 Their Children:
1   Ann Cros Bp 03/07/1742 Maxstoke
2   George Bp 03/07/1744 Maxstoke
3   John Bp 22/04/1747 Maxstoke
4   William Bp 19/05/1750 Maxstoke
5   Mary Bp 20/05/1753 Maxstoke
6   Catherine Bp 28/08/1754 Maxstoke
7   Mary Bp 19/02/1756 Maxstoke
8   Thomas Bp 30/06/1759 Maxstoke
9   Joseph Bp 05/12/1762 Maxstoke



John and Mary's gravestone at Maxstoke is shown in the thumbnail below.  Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture.

Mary Cross was buried on 27/07/1742 - there is no baptism record for this child
Mary Cross was buried on 27/07/1753
Catherine Cross was buried on 01/09/1754


"In memory of John Cross who died January 18th 1803 aged 88 years.
(Also) Mary Cross who died October the 24th 1802 aged 84 years."



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