The family of Thomas King and Mary Taylor
(5xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
  Thomas KING    Robert TAYLOR
  Sarah CLARKE    
Thomas KING  Mary TAYLOR
Married    18/02/1746/7 Bletchley, Bucks.
Bd   Bd 1722
Bp 13/06/1725 Whaddon Bp  
Dd 07/01/1780 Dd 20/06/1778
Bur 16/01/1780 Whaddon Bur 29/06/1778 Whaddon
Occ   Occ  
 Their Children:
 1   Thomas Bp 18/03/1752 Whaddon
 2   John Bp 03/06/1754 Whaddon
 3   Anna Bp 26/06/1756 Whaddon
 4   Mary Bp 04/11/1758 Whaddon 
 5   Sarah Bp 19/04/1760 Whaddon



The Parish register for Bletchley records:
"Thomas King and Mary Taylor, both of the Parish of Whaddon, were married by license."

The Parish Register for Whaddon records the following death and burials:
"Mr Thos King of Barnhill" 07/01/1780 & 16/01/1780
"Mary King wife of Thomas King of Barnhill" 29/06/1778

The first child Thomas married Sarah Harrup in 1775.  He died in 1825
The first four children were all mentioned in the will of their grandfather Robert Taylor. (will dated 25/05/1771)
The fourth child Mary married Thomas Bradbury 15/12/1783

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