The family of John Ibell and Mary Gibbs
(5xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
  Joseph IBELL    
Married  1782 Newton Purcell, Oxford (IGI)  
Bd   Bd  
Bp   Bp  
Dd   Dd  
Bur Will proved 21/09/1827
Barton Hartshorn
Bur 20/07/1802 Barton Hartshorn, Bucks
Occ   Occ  
 Their Children:
1   Ann Bp 20/07/1783 Barton Hartshorn, Bucks
2  John Bp 12/06/1785 Barton Hartshorn
3  Joseph Bp 22/07/1787 Barton Hartshorn
4  Richard Bp 27/09/1789 Barton Hartshorn
5  William Bp Not found
6  Mary Bp 15/05/1791 Barton Hartshorn
7  Jane Bp 15/02/1795 Barton Hartshorn
8  James IBILL Bp 05/02/1797 Barton Hartshorn
9  George Bp 27/12/1804 Weslyan, Buckingham



The dates for the baptisms of the children above are taken from the IGI and need to be checked.
George's birth is recorded as February 1800 in the Weslyan Register, Buckingham.

John's first wife died in 1802 and he was married again to Mary Hinks on 30/12/1803 at Barton Hartshorn, Bucks.  John had a further 10 children by his second wife:
Anne born 17/12/1804 bap 27/12/1804
Elizabeth born 27/01/1806 bap 05/03/1806
Charles born 14/03/1809 bap 16/03/1809
Richard born 18/09/1810 bap 25/09/1810
Sarah born ? bap 22/02/1814
Thomas Ible born 14/01/1812 bap 11/02/1812
Susannah born ? bap 29/01/1817
Jonathan, Henry and Benjamin

John Ibell left a will in which he mentions 15 of his children.  His first child Ann died before he had made his will.  It is probable that Joseph and both Richards also died before the will was made.

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