The family of William Catesby & Joan Barre
(16xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
      Thomas BARRE
      Alice TALBOT
Bd   Bd  
Bp   Bp  
Dd  1470 Dd  11/08/1471
Bur   Bur  
Occ   Occ   
 Their Children:
   John Bd  
   Robert Bd  
   John Bd  
   Edmund Bd  
   Elizabeth Bd  
   Joan Bd  
   Margaret Bd  
   Elizabeth CATESBY Bd  

The birth order of the children is unknown.



William Catesby firstly married Phillipa Bishopson.  The children from this first marriage include William who supported Richard III in the battle of Bosworth and was hanged three days after the battle in 1485.  There is also an Alice and an Elizabeth from this first marriage.  Most sources suggest that it is this first Elizabeth who married Roger Wake.  Phillipa died in 1446 so this Elizabeth would have been at least 57 when her husband died in 1503 and it is recorded that she went on to marry Sir John Grey in 1509 making her at least 63.  Sir John was born ~1478 and so would have been about 30 at the time of the marriage.  Note also that Roger Wake's son, Richard, married secondly Margaret Grey, the sister of Sir John Grey!

We find this hard to believe - it would make more sense for an Elizabeth from the marriage of William Catesby to Joan Barre to be the wife of Roger Wake.  We also question whether William would have called children from the second marriage "Elizabeth" if the Elizabeth from the first marriage was still living.  Due to this uncertainty, the maternal ancestors of Elizabeth Catesby are in doubt.

William Catesby's memorial lies in the Choir of Ashby St Ledgers church.  Very little of the original brass now remains.  William is shown in the centre with his two wives Phillipa (on the right) and Joan (on the left).  A record of the inscriptions was made by John Bridges and is given in The History & Antiquities of Northamptonshire dated 1791.  It reads..

Hic jacet Willielmus Catesbie quondam unus trencheatorum regis Henricie sexti, qui obiit anno MCCCCLXX
Here lies William Catesby formerly one of the household? of Henry VI who died 1470

Hic jacet Philippa uxor prima WIllielmi Catesbie militis & dimidia here Willielmi Bishopston & Philippe uxoris ejus unius heredum Willielmi Wilmoth armigeri, & Elizabethae uxoris ejus filie & heredis Joh. Tritton militis que obit xx Decembris MCCCCXLUJ
Here lies Philippa first wife of William Catesby Knight half heir of William Bishopston and Phillipa his wife one of the heirs of William Wilmoth Esq. and Elizabeth his wife daughter and heir of John Tritton Knight who died 20th December 1446

Hic Jacet Domina Johanna uxor secunda Willielmi Catesbie militis antea uxor Renardi de la Bere & filia Thome Barre militis & Alicie uxoris ejus sororis Johannis Dni Talbot create com. Salop, que obit xi Augusti MCCCCLXXJ. Liberi eorum Johannes, Robertus, Johannes, Edmundus,Elizabetha, Johanna, Margareta & Elizabetha Here lies the Lady Joan second wife of William Catesby Knight formerly wife of Renard de la Bere and daughter of Thome Barre Knight and Alice his wife sister of John Lord Talbot created Earl of Shrewsbury who died 11 August 1471. Their children John, Robert, John, Edmund, Elizabeth, Joan, Margaret & Elizabeth.

Other inscriptions surrounded the tomb - these are probably prayers said for the salvation of William Catesby.


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