The family of John Wake and Elizabeth Gorges
(13xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
  Richard WAKE   Edward GORGES
  Dorothy DYVE   Mary POYNTZ
John WAKE Elizabeth GORGES
Bd  1519 Bd  
Bp   Bp  
Dd  1572 Dd  
Bur   Bur  
Occ   Occ  
 Their Children:
 1   John Bd 1542
 2   Edward Bd  
 3   Arthur Bd  
 4   Robert Bd  
 5   William Bd  
 6   Jane Bd  
 7   Magdalen Bd  
 8   Lucrece Bd  
 9   Isabel Bd  
 10   Mary Bd  



John is described as being John Wake of Piddington, Salcey Forest and Clevedon.


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