The family of William Llewellin and Sarah Johnes
(4xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
     William JOHNES
     Ann PHILLIP
Married   26/08/1804 Hay-on-Wye, Breconshire
Bd  ~1777 Bd  1780
Bp   Bp  09/07/1780 Hay
Dd   Dd  21/01/1857 Cusop, Herefordshire
Bur  13/06/1836 Ramsgate Age 59 Bur  28/01/1857 in Hay - age 76 of Cusop
Occ  Supervisor of Inland Revenue/Excise Occ  
 Their Children:
  1   Ann Llewellin  Bp 07/10/1804 Hay Breconshire
  2   William Llewellin  Bp 22/02/1806 Hay Breconshire
  3   Thomas Llewellin  Bp 21/03/1807 Hay Breconshire
  4   Maria Llewellin  Bp  
  5   William Llewellin  Bp 26/01/1813 Old Swinford, Worcestershire
  6   Sarah Llewellin  Bp 27/05/1814 Old Swinford, Worcestershire
  7   Henry Llewellin  Bp 19/10/1815 Old Swinford, Worcestershire
  8   James Llewellin  Bp 27/07/1817 Old Swinford, Worcestershire
  9   Mary-Ann Llewellin  Bp 18/12/1820 St Lawrence, Kent
  10   Henry Llewellin  Bp 30/03/1823 St Lawrence, Kent



The children:-
Ann married Hugh Bevan Lloyd in Hay on 04/10/1833
William (1806) and Thomas (1807) were buried on 16/04/1807 at Hay (they were of the parish of Cliro/Clyro).  ‎William was 2 years old and Thomas was 'an infant'.
Maria's baptism has not been found
William born in 1813 married Elizabeth Lach in Egham Surrey on 24/04/1838.  He was an Inland Revenue Collector who moved around the country and amassed a large fortune leaving £22,383 when he died in 1900
Sarah never married and lived with her mother. She died in 1859 and was buried in Hay on 25/11/1859 age 49.
The first Henry was buried at Old Swinford on 22/10/1815 just three days after he was baptised
James possibly died in Hay in 1849
Mary Ann was buried on 27/03/1821 at St Lawrence in Thanet, St Lawrence, Kent
The second Henry was buried in Hay on 12/09/1837 age 14


The parents:-
The marriage of William and Sarah was witnessed by Hannah James and Jas Philips.
Sarah wrote her will in 1838 by which time her husband William had already died.  In the will she mentions her two sons William and James (whom she appoints as executors) together with her daughters Ann the wife of Hugh Bevan Lloyd (Maltster), Maria the wife of Hugh Thomas Davies of Hay (Plumber and Glazier), and Sarah (Spinster).  When Sarah died in 1857 William is referred to as the surviving executor.

Newspaper reports:
In the Hereford Journal for Wednesday 28th January 1857 is the following...
Jan 21, at Hay, very suddenly, Sarah, relict the late Mr. William Llewellyn, supervisor of Inland Revenue, Ramsgate.
This led us to find the following in the Kentish Gazette for Tuesday 14th June 1836 (page 4) under inquests...
On the body of .Llewellyn, supervisor of excise.  About two o'clock that morning he appears to have risen from his bed, and although immediately followed by his wife and son, he succeeded reaching the cellar, where he was found with the jugular vein severed.  He had formerly been in the Lunatic Asylum, at Town Malling, in this county.  Verdict Insanity.

Parish Records:
Ramsgate Burials. William Llewellin Ramsgate Bur. 13th June Age 59
Ramsgate St George. Llewellen William Bur. 13th June graveyard position S3 6ft in Earth Grave Age 59 Fee £1..3s..0d



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 Census William Llewellin Sarah Johnes
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