The family of James Summers and Grace Stow
(4xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
James SUMMERS  Grace STOW 
Married    18/07/1795 at North Bradley P.C. Wilts
Bd  ~1776 Bd ~1771
Bp   Bp  
Dd  April 1849
Zion Baptist Church Record
Dd 18th Feb 1851
Zion Baptist Church Record
Bur   Bur  
Occ Clerk Occ Hosier
 Their Children:
 1  Elizabeth Bd ~1795-1802
2   James Bd 08/05/1809
3   John Bd 07/10/1812


Both James and Grace were baptised at the Zion Baptist Church in Trowbridge.  They are members number 72 and 73.  James, Grace and some of their children together with Reuben Stokes were all buried in the same grave.

The dates for John and James' birth are from the Zion Baptist Church Records.  The records also mention the deaths of James Summers and Simeon Summers in 1820.



CENSUS INFORMATION (For more detailed census info click on age)

Name: James Summers Grace Stow
Date Age Marital
Occupation Age Marital
1841 65   Clerk 70   Hosier

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