The family of Nicholas Tanner and Alice ??
(9xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
Nicholas TANNER  Alice ??
Bd   Bd  
Bp   Bp  
Dd 05/1653 Dd  
Bur   Bur 21/01/1675/6 Colerne
Will 07/05/1653 from
Colerne Court Rolls 1654
Will 29/12/1675 from
Colerne Court Rolls 1676
Occ   Occ  
 Their Children:
1   John Bp 28/11/1611 Kington St Michael
2   Nicholas Bp 02/12/1621 Kington St Michael
3   Daniel Bp 07/06/1629 Colerne
4   Robert Bp 18/07/1630 Colerne
5   Thomas Bp  
6   Benjamin Bp  
?   Elizabeth Bp  
?   Sarah Bp  



The Colerne Parish registers for Baptisms and Burials start around 1606 but do not exist for 1633 to 1660 which includes the Civil War/Commonwealth period. However the Marriage register covers the years 1560 to 1575 and 1640 to 1651/2 and then starts again in 1661. Family History information from this source is therefore very limited. We have been very lucky in finding Records from the Court of the Manor of Colerne which are now held at Oxford New College Archives. These talk about the owners of the Copyhold (ie tenants) and in some cases also include wills. From this source and wills for both Nicholas and Alice we have been able to confirm they were married and we are able to list quite a few of their children. The parish register for Colerne shows a Nicholas Tanner who had sons Daniel and Robert baptised in Colerne in 1629 and 30 resp. These are now verified from the two wills above and we are fortunate that Nicholas' will also gives the birth order of his first five sons. Note that Daniel had died by the time this will was made.

Alice and her sons Thomas and Benjamin are mentioned in Warden Woodward's progress notes. Follow this link to see extracts from the book

Alice Tanner's will is included with the Court Rolls for 1676. A transcription is given at this link

Nicholas Tanner's will is included in the court roll for 1654. It was written on 7th May 1653. The inventory of his property was carried out on 29th May 1653 after his death. He could have been the first Tanner in Colerne - the court roll of 1628 refers to Nicholas Tanner of Michaels Keynton Wilts, husbandman. He therefore came from Kington St Michael. Follow this link to see his will and an inventory of his property

You will note that Nicholas' Will mentions the sons John and Nicholas whereas Alice's Will omits these two children. These two children were baptised in Kington St Michael and marriages for a Nicholas Tanner to a Jone Paine on 30/09/1611 and again for Nicholas Tanner to Joan Hadnam on 11/06/1621 both at Kington St Michael have been found. Also burials in Kington St Michael for a Joan Tanner wife of Nicholas on 27/09/1620 and Joan Tanner wife of Nicholas on 01/01/1626/7. If these are correct, it would appear that Nicholas was married twice before he married Alice.

Alice herself may have been married before her marriage to Nicholas. The court roll of 1628 refers to Alice Jones who is the heiress of Walter Jones who has just died. The same property that is referred to in 1628 seems to pass from Alice to Nicholas Tanner on court roll of 1640. All these are in Latin and are very difficult to transcribe and translate. My thanks go to my brother Mike for his valiant attempts at doing this.

Further Notes:
There is an Elizabeth Tanner who marries a George England in Marshfield on 13/11/1663
John Tanner (wife Jane) - children: Mary (1667), John (1669), Jane (1670), Deborah (1672), Thomas (1674), Sarah or possibly Dinah (1675/6), Barbara (1678), Gideon (1680) `
Thomas Tanner's children are probably Thomas (1675)
Robert Tanner's children are probably Nicholas (1666/7), Jacob (1670), Elizabeth (1673)
Other Tanner families in Colerne with children baptised around the same time are:-
Dominick Tanner - children: Aaron (1669), Aaron (1670), David (1676), Moses (1676)
Moses Tanner - children: Joell (1678), Rubin (1681), Mary (1683), Poizey (1687), Aaron (1689), Sarah (1692)


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