The family of Joseph Saunders and Mary Clay
(4xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Thomas SAUNDERS    
   Ann REEVES    
Married     10/10/1776 at St Helen's Sharnford Leicestershire
Bd   Bd ~1752 Claybrook
Bp 24/03/1754 Crick Bp 14/02/1829 Sharnford Age 77
Dd   Dd  
Bur 23/12/1829 Sharnford Age 76 Bur  
Occ   Occ  
 Their Children:
1   Thomas Bp 18/05/1777 Sharnford
2   Dorcas Bp 06/06/1779 Sharnford
3   Anne Bp 23/06/1782 Sharnford
4   Joseph Bp 19/06/1784 Sharnford
5   Elizabeth Bp 28/03/1786 Sharnford
6   Mary Bp ??/06/1789 Sharnford
7   Joseph Bp 09/11/1791 Sharnford
8   Elizabeth Bp 11/05/1794 Sharnford



There were two Joseph Saunders baptised in Crick at about the same time. It is possible that Joseph Saunders son of John and Alice baptised 15/10/1752 at Crick could be the Joseph who married Mary Clay, however the Joseph baptised 24/03/1754 son of Thomas and Ann seems to be the more likely because his children have the same names as those of his brothers and sisters.

Mary Saunders (Clay) was baptised at St. Helenís Sharnford, Leicestershire.  Details of this baptism are entered in the parish register on two separate sheets of paper...  
(1) Mary Clay, wife of Joseph Saunders was baptised at the age of 77 years.  I can find no registry of her baptism but the persons whose names are appended, table that they were present when she was baptised. 
Sampson Jacobs(?) Curate.  
(2) Baptised February 14th 1829, Mary Sanders, formerly Clay, of the Parish of Sharnford.  
Joseph Cotman Rector witness Richard Holyoak and Rebecca Sanders.

The Parish Register of St Helen's Sharnford records the marriage of Joseph Saunders of this Parish to Mary Clay of Claybrook by banns on 10th October 1776. 

Anne (child no 3) married William GOODE on 27/10/1801 at St Helenís Sharnford
Joseph (child no 4) was buried on 22/6/1784 and the next son given the same name (7)
Elizabeth (child no 5) was buried 24/9/1786 and a later daughter has been given the name Elizabeth (8)
Mary (child no 6) married Joseph WALE on 18/6/1809 at St Helenís Sharnford

Joseph (child no 7) married Sarah HACKETT 14/11/1820 in Sharnford. He died on 11/01/1870 (death certificate from Chris Le Cornu) and was buried 16/01/1870 in Sharnford. Sarah was baptised 18/05/1800 in Sharnford (father William Hackett, mother Helen). They had 1 child - Charles, possibly baptised on 23/11/1823 and died 13/01/1883 age 59 in Sharnford.  It would appear from the census information that Sarah died somewhere between 1823 and 1841 and that Charles never married.

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