The family of Thomas Saunders and Elizabeth Bray
(3xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Joseph SAUNDERS    Allen BRAY
   Mary CLAY    Ann REEVE
Thomas SAUNDERS  Elizabeth BRAY 
Married     06/06/1798 at St. Helen's Sharnford Leicestershire
Bd   Bd  
Bp 18/05/1777 Sharnford Bp 29/06/1781 Sharnford
Dd   Dd  
Bur 05/06/1845 Sharnford Bur 23/01/1837 Sharnford ?
Occ Labourer / Shoemaker Occ  
 Their Children:
1   Allen  Bp 19/08/1798 Sharnford
2   Joseph Bp 20/07/1800 Sharnford
3   William Bp 25/12/1802 Sharnford
4   Thomas Bp 02/06/1805 Sharnford
5   Eli Bp 17/04/1808 Sharnford
6   Marey Ann Bp 01/10/1810 Sharnford
7   Thomas Bp 28/03/1813 Sharnford
8   Dorothy Bp 01/10/1815 Sharnford
9   Isaac SANDERS Bp 04/01/1818 Sharnford
10   Dorcas Bp 22/05/1821 Sharnford
11   John Bp 23/11/1823 Sharnford



There were four Elizabeth Brays who were baptised in Sharnford in the period 1773 to 1781.  It is not certain which of these married Thomas Saunders.  
1) Elizabeth Bray baptised 27th September 1773, daughter of William and Diana Bray, died shortly after her birth (bur 17/11/1773).  
2) Elizabeth Bray baptised 26/12/1776 daughter of Solomon Bray and Sarah Campion.
3) Elizabeth Bray baptised 05/07/1777 daughter of Thomas Bray and Elizabeth Bray.
4) Elizabeth Bray baptised in Sharnford 29/06/1781 daughter of Allen and Ann Bray.  There is a burial recorded of Elizabeth Sanders 23/01/1837 age 56 - this was probably the wife of Thomas Sanders in which case she would have been born around 1781.  The first child of Thomas and Elizabeth Sanders was called Allen.  This seems to be the most likely match.

The Children:

1.     Allen was a farmer and he married Elizabeth SIDDONS on 24/11/1823 in Leicester. Allen was buried 6/6/1870 in Sharnford. They had 7 children.

2.     Joseph was a framework knitter and he married Sarah PRATT 13/10/1819 in Wolvey, Warwicks.  Sarah Pratt was baptised 02/04/1799 at Dunton Bassett (IGI, mother Sarah). Joseph died 11/02/1885 aged 84 and Sarah died 04/10/1865 aged 64 (death certificates from Chris Le Cornu).  They had at least 6 children.

3.     William was a framework knitter / labourer and he married Rebecca BACON 3/10/1825 in Sharnford. He was buried 11/7/1870 in Sharnford. Rebecca was born around 1805 in Sharnford or Huncote. She was buried 12/3/1874 in Sharnford. They had 10 children.

4.     Thomas was a gardener / farmer and he married Elizabeth BAILEY on 25/4/1831 in Sharnford. Elizabeth was baptised on 16/2/1794 in Sharnford. They had 10 children and moved from Sharnford to Bedworth in Warwickshire between 1842 and 1845.

5.     Eli married Eliza (?) who was born around 1812 at Narborough. They had 5 children.

6.     Marey Ann married John PEGG on 27/3/1831 at Sharnford.

11.   John married Mary Ann CHEATLE at Nuneaton Warwickshire n 26/9/1847.



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 Census Thomas Saunders Elizabeth Bray
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