The family of Joseph Elliot and Martha Sewell
(6xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
  William ELLIOT    John SEWELL
   Mary STOKES    Sarah
Joseph ELLIOT  Martha SEWELL 
Married     29/09/1737 Radclive, Bucks
Bd 1713 Lillingstone Dayrell, Bucks Bd 05/06/1705 Luffield Abbey
Bp   Bp  
Dd 17th March 1749 Northampton Racecourse - by execution Dd  
Bur 18/03/1749 Lillingstone Dayrell Bur  
Occ   Occ  
 Their Children:
    Sarah Bp 07/12/1737 Silverstone
    John Bd 10/03/1748 Luffield Abbey?
    William Bp "of Luffield Abbey"



Joseph Elliot was executed on 17th March 1749 for highway robbery. This is alluded to in the book "Old Oak" - see also Elizabeth Elliot his granddaughter. Records of the trial have not been found but there are a couple of newspaper reports from the Northampton Mercury which are quoted below.
Firstly on March 6th 1749:
On Thurfday laft ended our Affizes, when the three following Perfons received Sentence of Death, viz. Jofeph Elliott, and William Lamb, for a Robbery on the Highway; and John Parker, for Houfe breaking: But the Latter was afterwards repriev'd. Alice Blifs, and Robert Cook, were fentenc'd to be tranfported for feven Years; Elizabeth Glen, Patience Teller, and Ann Hamilton, otherwife Hughes, to be publickly whipp'd; and Robert Wingrave to be privately whipp'd.
Secondly on March 20th 1749:
On Friday laft Jofeph Elliott and William Lamb were executed here, purfuant to their Sentence at our laft Affizes, for robbing Mr. Fifher of Denfhanger on the Highway.

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