The family of George John Prosser and Florence Fox

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Samuel George Reese PROSSER    Thomas FOX
   Ellen KIRK    Sarah Ann TAYLOR
George John PROSSER  Florence FOX 
Married     03/09/1910 Unitarian Chapel, Ashton-u-Mersey
Bd 23/12/1880 Bd 21/01/1885
Bp   Bp  
Dd 27/08/1920 Dd 10/12/1972
Bur   Bur  
Occ Warehouse man
Chemical Works Clerk
 Their Children:
 1   Son   Bd  
 2   Daughter  Bd  



Florence Prosser (nee Fox) married George Edgar Crowther q3,1922  (GRO Fylde 8a,1967) and then went to live in West Africa with her husband. They had one daughter.   Florence's son and daughter by the first marriage stayed in England. 

For reasons of security I have not included any information on the children of George and Florence


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Florence Crowther taken in West Africa George John Prosser in operatic costume

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 Census George John Prosser Florence Fox
1881 link  
1891 link link
1901 link link
1911 link link


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