The family of John de Mowbray and Elizabeth de Segrave
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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   John de MOWBRAY   John de SEGRAVE
   Joan of LANCASTER   Margaret
  Duchess and Countess of NORFOLK
John de MOWBRAY Elizabeth de SEGRAVE
Married by Papal dispensation dated 25/03/1349
Bd 25/06/1340 Epworth, Lincs. Bd 25/10/1338
Bp   Bp 25/10/1338 Croxton Abbey
Dd 17/06/1368 nr Constantinople Dd  
Bur   Bur  
Occ   Occ   
 Their Children:
   John de Mowbray Bd  01/08/1365
   Thomas Mowbray Bd  
   Eleanor Mowbray Bd  ~1360
   Margaret Mowbray Bd  
    Joan Mowbray Bd  

Note: Thomas is on Christine's Tree; Eleanor is on Tony's Tree


Sir John de Mowbray (4th Lord of Mowbray, of Axholme Lincolnshire) required Papal dispensation to marry Elizabeth as they were second cousins. He was knighted in July 1355 when King Edward III was on his way to an invasion of France. He was in Parliament from 1362 to 1366. He was slain by the Turks in Thrace near Constantinople and presumably buried near there. Elizabeth predeceased him.

Note: Elizabeth's brother, John de Segrave, married Blanche Mowbray, sister of John de Mowbray. The date of the dispensation for this marriage is also 25/03/1349.

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