The family of Robert FitzHamon and Sibylle de Montgommery
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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Hamon   Roger Sire de MONTGOMMERY
      Mabile d'ALENCON
Robert Fitz HAMON Sibylle de MONTGOMMERY
Married ~1082
Bd  ~1058 Bd  ~1066
Bp   Bp  
Dd 1107 Dd  
Bur   Bur  
Occ   Occ   
 Their Children:
1   Mabile Bd  ~1098
2   Hawise Bd  
3   Cecile Bd  
4   Amice Bd  



Robert was Lord of Glamorgan and Lord of Gloucester.  He is associated with the original earthworth castle at Bridgend which is called Newcastle and first mentioned in the early 12th century.  The present castle dates from the 1180's when Henry II held the castle. It is also thought that he constructed the first Norman castle at Cardiff around 1090.  Later Robert de Caen (the illegitimate son of Henry I who married Mabile the daughter of Robert FitzHamon and became the first Earl of Gloucester) improved the castle with the addition of a stone keep which still survives today.

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