The family of Henry Duke of Lancaster and Maud de Chaworth
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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   EDMUND Crouchback   Patrick II de CHAWORTH
   Blanche D'ARTOIS   Isabel de BEAUCHAMP
Henry Duke of LANCASTER Maud de CHAWORTH
Married ~1297
Bd ~1281 Bd 1282 or 1288
Bp   Bp  
Dd 22 Sep 1345 Dd ~1322
Bur   Bur  
Occ   Occ   
 Their Children:
 1  Henry Bd  ~1300
 2  Blanche Bd  ~1305
 3  Maud Bd  ~1310
 4  Joan Bd  ~1312
 5  Isabel Bd  ~1317
 6  Eleanor Bd  ~1318
 7   Mary Bd  ~1320



Henry was known as Lord of Monmouth from 20 Mar 1297. He was summoned to Parliament as Lord Lancaster from 6 Feb 1299. He was among the barons who forced King Edward II to agree to the appointment of the Ordainers, the leader of whom was his older brother. Although he joined the confederacy against the Despencers in 1320, he took no part in the rebellion of his brother Thomas. He was restored to the Earldom of Leicester 29 Mar 1324. In Sep 1326, he joined the queen's party (Isabella) and Roger Mortimer against the king. He was sent in pursuit of Edward, who had fled to Wales, captured him at Neath and was responsible for his custody at Kenilworth castle until 4 Apr 1327. Used the title Earl of Lancaster from 26 Oct 1326, restored to that Earldom 3 Feb 1327 on his brother's rehabilitation. Appointed Guardian of the young King Edward III on his accession. He went blind some time in 1330. He was a close friend and supporter of Edward III after the fall of Mortimer. He succeeded his brother John as Seigneur de Beaufort et de Nogent.

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