The family of Edmund Crouchback and Blanche D'Artois
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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Henry III King of ENGLAND   Robert Comte d'ARTOIS
   Eleanor of PROVENCE   Matilda de BRABANT
Edmund Crouchback Blanche d'ARTOIS
Married ~1276
Bd 16 Jan 1245 Bd 1248
Bp   Bp  
Dd 5 Jun 1296 Dd 2 May 1302
Bur  Westminster Abbey Bur  
Occ   Occ   
 Their Children:
 1  Thomas Bd  ~1277
 2  Henry Bd  ~1281
 3  John Bd  ~1286
 4   Mary Bd  



According to Matthew of Paris, after his uncle Richard Earl of Cornwall refused the kingdom of Sicily, the Pope offered it to King Henry who accepted it on behalf of his son Edmund. Nominated King of Sicily by Pope Innocent IV 14 May 1254, in opposition to Manfred von Hohenstaufen, invested 18 Oct 1255, although he never arrived in the country and was absolved of all his obligations with respect to Sicily by the Pope 8 Aug 1264. Created Earl of Leicester 26 Oct 1265, in succession to Simon de Montfort, and Earl of Lancaster 30 Jun 1267, although never referred to as Earl. Appointed Steward of England for life 9 May 1269, renounced 20 Aug 1274. He was on crusade in Palestine 1270-1272. Comte de Champagne et de Brie, in right of his second wife, 1276. Commander in Wales 8 Aug 1277. He captured Llywellyn Prince of Wales in 1282, beheaded him and set up his head in the Tower of London. He died during the siege of Bordeaux.

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