The family of William James Stokes and Amy Elizabeth Cleverly

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   George STOKES    John CLEVERLY
   Rosina RANDALL    Alice GAINEY
William James STOKES  Amy Elizabeth Cleverly 
Married     03/04/1915  at Corsham P.C.
Bd 21/05/1890 Trowbridge Bd 15/03/1894 Yatton Keynell
Bp   Bp 27/05/1894 Yatton Keynell
Dd 22/03/1950 Bath age 59 Dd 24/09/1975 Bath
Bur Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Bur 29/09/1975 Haycombe Cemetery, Bath
Occ Railway Clerk in Derby and in Bath Occ Milliner
 Their Children:
 1   John William  Bd 10/07/1916 Corsham
 2   Marjorie Amy  Bd 10/07/1916 Corsham
 3   David George  Bd 08/11/1929 Bath


Amy trained as a milliner at Madame Provost in Bath and then had a Milliner's shop 'Gardiner and Cleverly' 1 Pickwick Place, Corsham which she ran with her friend Marjorie Gardiner.

On the 1891 census the family were living at 5 U Alma St, Trowbridge
By the 1901 census they had moved to 18 York Buildings, Trowbridge
On the 1911 census they had moved to 30 Ashton Street in Trowbridge
By 1915 William was living at 48 Regent St, Derby. He had gone there in connection with his work for the Midland Railway and is registered as living at this address at the time of his wedding.

The family were living at Yatton Keynell at the time of her birth
By the 1911 census the family had moved to Fernleigh, South Street, Corsham where she remains until her wedding in 1915.  The family had moved to Corsham by 1906 as Amy is shown in the local paper as attending the Wesleyan Chapel and receiving a prize in the Bath Sunday School Union examination.

After their marriage
In 1916 they are living at 38 Burnaby St, Derby (shown on the children's birth certificate) although the children are born in Corsham at Fernleigh. Coincidentally they lived very close to the Allen family who owned the local grocers shop. The grand-daughter of John Allen was to marry Amy and William's son in the 1950's.
In 1917 they lived at 3 Oakdale Villas, Alvaston.
About 1918/20 they moved to their own home at 70 Third Avenue, Oldfield Park, Bath
In the 70's Amy moved to Mill Farm Cottage, Kelston where she looked after a farmer Bill Cullimore

The PRO death index gives the death of William J Stokes as q1 of 1950 age 59 (Vol 7c Page 70)

PICTURES (Click on the Thumbnails to enlarge the pictures)

Amy about 1910 William and Amy about 1915 Amy with twins John and Marjorie 1916
John and Marjorie about 1918 Amy about 1928 William and Amy about 1934
The family about 1938 William about 1938


CENSUS INFORMATION (For more detailed census info click on age)

Name: William James Stokes Amy Elizabeth Cleverly
Date Age Marital
Occupation Age Marital
1891 10m          
1901 10     7 S  
1911 20     17 S  


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