The family of George Stokes and Rosina Randall 
(Great Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   George STOKES    Simeon RANDALL
   Ann DAINTON    Emma EYERS
Married 21/04/1888 at Trowbridge Zion Chapel (Calvanistic Baptist)
Bd 27/03/1866 Trowbridge Bd 22/02/1868
Bp 03/04/1892 Trowbridge Zion Chapel, Union Street Bp 06/08/1911 Trowbridge Zion Chapel, Union Street
Dd 23/03/1944 age 77 Dd 07/08/1930 age 62
Bur Trowbridge cemetery Bur Trowbridge cemetery
Occ Woollen Clothmaker 
Mattress Maker
Occ Woollen Clothmaker
 Their Children:
 1  Herbert George  Bd  q1, 1889 Melsham (PRO 5a,116)
 2  William James  Bd 21/05/1890 Trowbridge
 3  Albert Randall  Bd  q1, 1893 Melksham (PRO 5a,113?)
 4  Ralph Ernest  Bd 15/08/1905


George and Rosina were married at the Zion Baptist church in Trowbridge - the church in which George's family had worshipped over previous generations.  George had attended Sunday School there - he is recorded in 1871 age 5.  In 1892 George was baptised and two years later he took on the post of caretaker for which he was paid £19 10s per annum.  Zion Church has recently celebrated its 200th anniversary and in the book entitled "Two Centuries of Grace" there is the following...
George Stokes was remembered as a man with definite views who should not be crossed.  There was an occasion when a wedding was arranged and flowers delivered to decorate the chapel.  George Stokes promptly sent the flowers back because, as far as he was concerned, there would be no flowers in the chapel.  Note that we understand the church had a policy of not allowing flowers because they were thought to be a distraction from worship.  This policy wasn't changed until the mid 1900s.
Rosina was baptised in 1911 and then in July 1922 George was elected as a deacon.  George remained in the post of caretaker until 1929 when he retired after 35 years of service.  It would appear that George left the church around this time.  He went to worship at The Halve (a Strict Baptist Church in the town) but the attendance book indicates that he rejoined Zion Chapel in September 1938.
(My thanks to Andrew D. Jones, the author of Two Centuries of Grace, for allowing me to use information from the book.)

After Rosina's death, George Stokes married Florence Fanny Stokes in q3,1931 at Melksham (PRO index Vol 5a Page 293).  Florence Fanny Extence had married Fred Stokes - George's brother - in q4, 1898.  Fred Stokes died in q3, 1929 age 54.  Florence died in q4, 1949 age 74.

Rosina and George are buried in the same grave in Trowbridge cemetery. The gravestone reads...
In loving memory of Rosina who was for 42 years the loving wife of George Stokes. Born Feb 22nd 1868 - Died Aug 7th 1930. Her last words were “We do not know we cannot tell, what pain he had to bear, but this we know it was for us, He hung and suffered there. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.
Also of the above George Stokes Born March 27th 1866 - Died March 23rd 1944 God has been merciful to me

The family lived at Furlong, Trowbridge at his birth but this is shown as Furlong No 41 according to the 1871 census.
On the 1881 census the address is given as 22 Furlong for the family.
At the time of his marriage his address is given as 22 Harford St. Trowbridge.

The family lived at Mortimer Street, Trowbridge at the time of her birth
By the time she was 3  they had moved to Geranium? Cottages, Holbrook Lane, Trowbridge on the 1871 census.
In 1881 she was employed as a domestic servant at 13 Bond Street, Trowbridge but by the time of her marriage her address was given as 17 Castle St, Trowbridge.

After they were married
They lived at 5 U Alma St, Trowbridge on the 1891 census.  This was shown as 5 Alma Street on William's birth certificate of 1890.
By 1901 they had moved to 18 York Buildings, Trowbridge.

The PRO index gives the death of Rosina Stokes as q3, 1930 registered in Bath age 62 (Vol  5c Page 536)

The PRO index gives the death of George Stokes as q1, 1944 registered in Chippenham age 77 (Vol  5a Page 84)

Information on the William James' brothers
Herbert married Nancy Lloyd  and later married Mary Enid Craig on 19/05/1973 in Chippenham (PRO Vol 7c Page 1740)
Albert married Gladys Wright in Birmingham q3, 1923 (PRO Vol 6d,Page 952).
Ralph Ernest married Hilda Gladys Chapman registered in q4, 1929 at Melksham (PRO Vol 5a, Page 273)


PICTURES  (Click on the Thumbnails to enlarge the pictures)

George with daughter-in-law Amy ~1915 George and Rosina
on 7th August 1929
George with Grandson David about 1930 George with his sons 
after Rosina's death in 1930.
Back row: Albert and Ralph
Front row William, George and Herbert 


CENSUS INFORMATION (For more detailed census info click on age)

Name: George Stokes Rosina Randall
Date Age Marital
Occupation Age Marital
1871 5   Scholar 3    
1881 15 Unm Woolwarper's Assistt 13 S General Servant
1891  25 M W. Cloth Weaver 23 M  
1901  35 M Wire? Mattress Maker 33 M  
1911  45 M Wire Mattress Maker 43 M  


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