The family of John Paulet and Constance Poynings
(15xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   William PAULET   Hugh "St. John" POYNINGS
   Eleanor de la MERE   Eleanor de WELLE
John PAULET  Constance POYNINGS 
Married   ~ Jan 1427/8
Bd ~1395 Bd ~1409
Bp   Bp  
Dd 11/01/1436/7 Dd Nov 1442
Bur  Nunney Bur  
Occ   Occ   
 Their Children:
1   John Bd ~1430
2  William Bd  



Sir John Paulet died testate and was buried in Nunney Church where there is an effigy of him and his wife Constance.  He is shown wearing the Collar of SS (or Esses) which shows his allegiance to the King.  Constance remarried after the death of John to Henry Greene of Drayton Northamptonshire.  They had one daughter Anne.
On the window sill is another effigy alleged to be that of Sir John de la Mere the great grandfather of Sir John Paulet, although it may be that of John Paulet's grandfather Philip de la Mere.  Sir John de la Mere built Nunney Castle in around 1360/70.

John Paulet & Constance Poynings John Paulet and Constance Poynings
John de la Mere (or possibly Philip) Nunney Castle


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