Pictures of the family of Giles Tanner and Martha Butler

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Albert Edward Tanner

The pictures on this page are courtesy of John Doran and Sue Hill in Canada
- Giles Tanner and Martha Butler are John's Gt. Gt. Grandparents (and mine!)
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Albert Edward Tanner (Eldest son)        

Emma Sarah Barnwell (Albert's wife)        Albert's book of Remembrance    

Albert Edward Tanner and his wife Emma Sarah Barnwell had the following children:-
    Edith Laura born q2,1872 Shoreditch
    Leila Isabel born q4,1873 Holborn
    Albert Percy born q1,1875 Islington. He married Alice Maud Green q2,1907 and ran the family business in Rugby
    Augusta Adeline born q4,1878 Rugby. She married William A C Guy q4,1915 and lived in Nuneaton
    Aubrey born q4,1880 Rugby
    Evelyn Margaret born q3,1884 Rugby
    Emma Beatrice born q3,1887 Rugby. She married William Walpole Day q3, 1909 in Chippenham district but lived in Nuneaton where her husband was a master at the Edward VI Grammar School. He was born in q1,1874 and died in 1923 age 59. See his obituary.

Note that there is also a Beatrice Rose born q4,1875 Islington who died before her first birthday who may also belong to this family

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