The family of John Cleverly, Mary Ann Bodman and Eliza Alderman
(3xGreat Uncle and Aunts)

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John's first marriage to Mary Ann Bodman

  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Hannah PIERCE  
Married   30/04/1859 at Christ Church, Derry Hill
Bd   Bd  
Bp 31/01/1830 St Mary P.C. Calne Bp  
Dd 10/08/1896 Age 66 Dd  
Bur 13/08/1896 Yatton Keynell P.C. Bur 11/02/1865 Derry Hill age 33
Occ Ag Labourer, Bailiff, Lodge Keeper, Baker, Coal Merchant Occ   
 Their Children:
1   Mary Jane Bd 10/10/1860
2   James Bd 05/09/1861
3   Sarah Ann Bd 20/01/1864
4   Emily Bd 16/01/1865

John's second marriage to Eliza Alderman

  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Hannah PIERCE  Rachel TANNER
Married   25/12/1865 at Yatton Keynell
Bd   Bd 26/09/1832
Bp 31/01/1830 St Mary P.C. Calne Bp 21/10/1832 Slaughterford
Dd 10/08/1896 Age 66 Dd 23/09/1883 age 50
Bur 13/08/1896 Yatton Keynell P.C. Bur 27/09/1883 Yatton Keynell P.C.
Occ Ag Labourer, Bailiff, Lodge Keeper, Baker, Coal Merchant Occ   
 Their Children:
1   Emily Elizabeth Bd 02/12/1866
2   George Alderman Bd 06/11/1868
3   Ernest Bd 08/12/1869
4   Edith Eliza Bd 31/01/1871
5   John Howard Bd 06/10/1872
6   Agnes Ellen Bd 06/06/1874


John Cleverly may have emigrated to the USA in 1852 but he had returned to England by the time of his first marriage to Mary Ann Bodman in 1859.

James the third child of John Cleverly and Mary Ann Bodman does not appear on the 1871 census. There is a death of a James Cleverly registered in Calne Q1 1862 which could possibly be him.
Emily, the fourth child of John and Mary Ann was baptised on 18/01/1865 and was buried at Derry Hill on 23/01/1865.  Her mother Mary Ann was buried a couple of weeks later on 11/02/1865 at Derry Hill age 33

John next married Eliza Alderman. Note that his brother James had married Eliza's sister Elizabeth in 1858.  Mary Ann Alderman, Eliza and Elizabeth's sister, corresponded regularly with brother Joseph Alderman in Canada.  Links to extracts of these letters can be found on Philip Alderman's webpage.

John and Eliza's children were baptised at Derry Hill....
Emily Elizabeth on 21/04/1867.  She married Walter Godfrey Maidment Q2,1896.  Emily died on 05/08/1955 at East Preston in Sussex.  Her husband, Walter, died on 19/10/1945 and is buried in St Paul's churchyard, Chippenham.
George Alderman on 24/01/1869.  He emigrated to the USA in 1884 and married Mary Kilpatrick about 1899.  Mary Kilpatrick came from Ontario.  Mary died in 1939 and George died in 1952.
Ernest on 20/03/1870.  He emigrated to the USA in 1888 and married Emily Clara (known as Clara) on 21/11/1894.  They had a lot of contact with Ernest's Uncle, Joseph Alderman, and also with cousin Jim Cleverly the son of James and Elizabeth Cleverly.   Pictures of the family are shown below.
Edith Eliza on 12/04/1871.  She emigrated to USA in 1889 and married ? on 10/11/1894.
John Howard on 25/12/1872.  He emigrated to the USA in 1896.  He married Marion Eloise Poole on 26/09/1900.
Agnes Ellen on 26/07/1874.  She married Roland Henry Whiting Q2,1896.

The deaths of John and Eliza are recorded in the family bible.
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PICTURES  (Click on the Thumbnails to enlarge the pictures)

John Cleverly
Note that birth date on the photo is incorrect
Thanks to Ken Maidment for supplying this photo
Ernest Cleverly with cousin Mary Alderman, Aunt Merebiah Alderman and wife Clara Ernest Cleverly with Jennie Cleverly (wife of Jim) Mary Cleverly (wife of Olin the son of Jim and Jennie) holding baby Hazel, Ada Alderman and Mary Alderman (Ernest's cousins) and Ruth, James and Jennie the other children of Olin and Mary.



CENSUS INFORMATION (For more detailed census info click on age)

Name: John Cleverly Mary Ann Bodman
Date Age Marital
Occupation Age Marital
1841 12           
1851 21 Un Ag Lab      
1861 30  Mar Labourer Cowman 29 Mar  
    Eliza Alderman
1871 40  Mar Labourer 38 Mar  
1881 50  Mar Baker and Coal Merchant 46 Mar  
1891 61 Widr Baker      


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