The family of Isaac Sanders and Maria Briers
(2xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Thomas SAUNDERS    George BRIERS
   Elizabeth BRAY    Sarah CLARK
Married     09/06/1840 at Narborough, Leics.
Bd   Bd  
Bp 04/01/1818 Sharnford Bp 22/02/1818 Narborough
Dd   Dd ??/03/1900
Bur 18/03/1894 Keresley Bur  
Occ Wheelwright Occ  
 Their Children:
 1   Elizabeth  Bp 20/08/1841 Sharnford
2   Elizabeth Maria Bp 15/05/1842 Keresley, Warks
3   Thomas Michael Bd ca 1845 Keresley, Warks
4   Isaac Bd ca 1847 Keresley, Warks
5   John Bp 29/04/1849 Keresley, Warks
6   Mary Ann Bp 23/05/1852 Keresley, Warks
7   Allen Bd 05/05/1854 Keresley, Warks
8   Dorcas Bp 08/03/1857 Keresley, Warks
9   Eli William Bp 03/02/1861 Keresley, Warks



2. Elizabeth Maria married John Thomas HUTT on 28/1/1867 at St. Thomasís Keresley.

3. No birth record or baptism for Thomas has been found (GRO on Ancestry 1844-46 plus IGI).  He married Anne Maria HOWE on 27/12/1871 at St. Thomasís Keresley  

4. No birth record or baptism for Isaac has been found (GRO on Ancestry 1846-48 plus IGI).

5. John was buried at Keresley on 17/11/1880 (age 31)

6. Mary Ann was buried at Keresley on 23/7/1875 (age 23)

7. Allen was christened on 04/06/1854 at Keresley P.C..  He married Elizabeth Ann PRICE in Birmingham on 10/11/1884.  He died on 18/11/1908 in Paddington, London

8. Dorcas married William GATEHOUSE on 13/9/1880 at St. Thomasís Keresley



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