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31/03/2014link pageUpdates to Tom and Sarah Ann Fox webpage
21/03/2014link pageAmendments to this page and also pages with ancestors of John
16/01/2014link pagePic. of Rosina was incorrect. Pic. of George and Amy added
06/01/2014link pageJames and Grace Summers page added and other minor changes
04/01/2014link pageWilliam and Sarah Dainton page updated
27/11/2013link pageGeorge and Ann Stokes page updated
25/11/2013link pageGeorge and Rosina Stokes page updated
05/11/2013link pageLucy Davies should have been recorded as a Visitor, not Daughter, (in relation to the Head)
04/11/2013link pageMargaret Prosser death found
04/11/2013link pageUpdates to Davies/Llewellyn tree/info
19/04/2013link pageWilliam and Amy Stokes page updated
04/02/2013link pageElizabeth of Rhuddlan page updated
05/01/2013link pagePhotos for 2012 added
06/03/2012link pageAdditional Clarkson family pages added
03/01/2012link pageProsser family updates
26/11/2011link pageHudd family updates
02/11/2011link pageNew Photos added Grandchildren and Family
11/04/2011searchPhoto added of John Cleverly
11/01/2011searchChristines's search updated
11/01/2011searchTony's search updated
11/01/2011Iberian KingsDetail added for Maurienne families
06/01/2011searchChristines's search updated
06/01/2011searchTony's search updated
06/01/2011Irish KingsDetail for Irish Kings added
20/12/2010searchChristines's search updated
20/12/2010searchTony's search updated
14/12/2010sh151610Page amended for Isabelle de Vermandois - second marriage to William de Warenne added
14/12/2010sh151611Page for Hugues of France & Adelais de Vermandois added
14/12/2010sh151612Page for Heribert de Vermandois & Adelais de Valois added
12/12/2010searchChristines's search updated
12/12/2010searchTony's search updated
10/12/2010Shared Lines updatedMore illustrious ancestors added to Shared Lines
18/11/2010searchTony's search updated
18/11/2010searchChristine's search updated
10/11/2010sh262711Page created for Richard II/Judith de Bretagne
10/11/2010sh262710Page created for Robert II/Herleve
10/11/2010sh262708Page created for Robert I/Poppa
10/11/2010sh262707Page created for Guillame/Sprota
10/11/2010sh262706Page created for Richard I/Gunnora
09/11/2010sh262709Page created for Osbern Giffard
09/11/2010sh262705Page created for Osbern de Bolebec/Aveline de Crepon
09/11/2010sh262704Page created for Gauthier Giffard/Ermengarde
09/11/2010sh262703Page created for Herbastus de Crepon
09/11/2010sh262702Page created for Herfast de Crepon
09/11/2010sh262701Page created for Osbern The Steward/Emma d'Irvy
06/11/2010sh111218Page created for Baldwin de Clare/Adelline de ROLLOS
05/11/2010sh212210Page updated for Alfonso II/Sancha de Castilla
05/11/2010sh212211Page updated for Sancho III /Blanca de Navarra
05/11/2010sh212213Page updated for Alfonso VII/Berenguela/Ryksa
05/11/2010sh212212Page updated for Alfonso I King of Portugal/Mathilde de Savoie
05/11/2010sh212209Page updated for Fernando II/Urraca de Portugal
05/11/2010sh212208Page updated for Alfonso IX/Berenguela of Castile
05/11/2010sh212207Page updated for Fernando III/Jeanne de Dammartin
04/11/2010sh212206Page updated for Alfonso Berenger/Gersende de Sabran
04/11/2010sh212205Page updated for Raymond de Berenger/Beatrix de Savoie
04/11/2010sh212204Page updated for Alfonso de Castile/Eleanor of England
04/11/2010sh212203Page updated for Louis VIII/Blanca de Castilla
04/11/2010sh212202Page updated for Louis IX/Marguerite de Provence
04/11/2010sh212201Page updated for Philippe II/Marie of Brabant


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