The family of Frank Richard Thomas and Eveline Mary Tanner 

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Richard Tuthill THOMAS    Aubrey Giles TANNER
   Emily NEWMAN    Mary Jane FIELD
Frank Richard THOMAS  Eveline Mary TANNER 
Married     06/09/1912 Argyle Chapel, Bath
Bd 17/04/1884 Walcot Bd 25/05/1887 Bathwick
Bp   Bp  
Dd 09/02/1960 Bath Dd 31/08/1962 Bath
Bur 12/02/1960 Lansdown Cemetary, Bath Bur Lansdown Cemetary, Bath
Occ Cafe Manager Occ Book-keeper
 Their Children:
 1   Aubrey Frank  Bd 11/03/1915
 2   Joyce Margaret  Bd 21/06/1920



My own memory of Frank and Eveline is that Frank was the manager of a large coffee shop "Theobalds" in Old Bond Street at the bottom end of Milsom Street in Bath.  I can remember the coffee being ground and the wonderful smell of it being roasted.  Eveline had a small sweet shop in the Upper Borough Walls   It is now a Fish and Chip shop.  Both of these memories date back to the early 1950's as they would have retired soon after then.  Frank was very much involved with Rush Hill Congregational Church - I think he was the treasurer.  He used to take me to the Recreation Ground to watch Bath Rugby Club in the days when playing Coventry or Leicester was a once in two year event.  Eveline used to come to church at Argyle (Congregational Church) which is now the Central Church in Argyle Street.  The other memory I have is the Christmas Parties at 91 Wellsway (where they lived) and the fact that they were both teetotal.  I also remember the apple tarts that Eveline used to bake - cooked with cloves and there was a china support in the middle to keep the pastry from sagging.  The other thing that sticks in my mind is that they always cooked the veg in a pressure cooker.  What strange memories!!

They had a very large black cat - What was he called?

At the time of his birth the family lived at 15 Bath St, Bath 
They were still here in 1891 where his father had been a Pawnbrokers Assistant up unto the time of his death.
He was living at 22 Victoria Rd, Twerton, Bath in 1901 and then at 40 Belvedere, Lansdown, Bath at the time of his wedding in 1912

Eveline lived at
7 Grove St, Bath in 1891 and 1901 where her father ran the Duke of Cambridge Pub
About 1906 the family moved to 64 Third Avenue and a couple of years later to 35 Third Avenue, Bath
On her marriage certificate her address is given as 25 Third Avenue, Bath

From the time of their marriage they lived at 
91 Wellsway, Bath
and then they moved to 76 Newbridge Hill, Bath but this move may have been just after Frank's death

Joyce, their second child, married Peter Bessell on 07/01/1943.  She died of TB on 05/02/1948 and was buried at Lansdown Cemetary in Bath on 09/02/1948.

PICTURES (Click on the Thumbnails to enlarge the pictures)

Frank Richard Thomas
Eveline Mary Thomas with Aubrey Frank
Aubrey and Joyce
Frank & Eveline
Joyce and Aubrey
Frank and Eveline in their first car 1934 Eveline & Frank
Joyce and Aubrey
Frank and Eveline
(Grandpa and Granny Thomas)
with Tony in 1948


CENSUS INFORMATION(For more detailed census info click on age)

Name: Frank Richard Thomas Eveline Mary Tanner
Date Age Marital
Occupation Age Marital
1891 6     3 S  
1901 16 Unm Grocers Apprentice 13 Unm  
1911 26 Unm Grocers Manager 23 Unm Shop Assistant



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