The family of Aubrey Giles Tanner and Mary Jane Field
(Great Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Giles Smith TANNER    William FIELD
   Martha BUTLER    Mary BUTT
Aubrey Giles TANNER  Mary Jane FIELD 
Married     21/08/1886 Lyncombe and Widcombe P.C.
Bd 08/12/1857 Colerne Village Bd 07/08/1856 Bathwick
Bp   Bp  
Dd 30/01/1946 Bath Dd 25/11/1892 Bath
Bur   Bur St James Cemetry Bath
Occ Carpenter and Publican Occ Domestic Nurse, Lady's Maid
 Their Children:
 1   Eveline Mary Bd 25/05/1887
2   Margaret Etta Bd 03/03/1889
3   Ethel Bd 01/03/1891
4   Mary Jane Bd 20/11/1892



Ethel died 28/03/1891 (Age 2 months)

I think I can just about recall my Great Grandfather Aubrey Giles Tanner although he died when I was just over 1.  The house was at 35 Third Avenue, Bath at the junction with St Georges Road and the memory I have is a house in with a long dimly lit corridor - maybe it is the building rather than him that I can remember!

My Great Aunts Margaret and Jane (the name Mary was never used and she was always known to us as Aunty Owl) never got married.  They lived In Hansford Close, Combe Down in Bath during the 50's and then moved to a large house "Nethern" in Weston village on the outskirts of Bath.  This large house was shared with two other lifelong friends of theirs - Hilda and Ethel Hatcher.  Hilda was my piano teacher for a while but I didn't last the course for more than a couple of years.  Jane was called Aunty Owl because of a pair of spectacles that she wore at some period of her life - and the nickname stuck for ever after.

Margaret Etta died 11/01/1964
Mary Jane died 23/11/1976

Aubrey Giles
On his birth certificate the address is given as Colerne.
The family are shown living at Smiths Farm Colerne on the 1861 census
The family had moved to Sherston Magna by the time of the 1871 census
He lived as a lodger at 5 Piccadily, Walcot, Bath by 1881census
He had moved to 6 Caroline Buildings, Bath by the time of his marriage in 1886

Mary Jane
At the time of her birth the family lived at 1 Argyle St, Bathwick.
They had moved to 3 Argyle Place, Bathwick as shown on the 1861 census
By 1871 the family had moved to 3 Grove St, Bathwick where her father was the publican of the Duke Of Cambridge.
In 1880 she completed service as a nurse and lady's maid for a Mrs Raby of 65 Pulteney St, Bath.  The testamonial for her says that she was in service for Mrs Raby for nearly 7 years. "Duties mainly care of a child, or 8 months old when first entrusted to her.  Motive for parting was her parent objected to her proceeding to America. The Misses Raby will give further information if required."  There is a further reference  "From Mrs Pizey to Mrs Davison Harvey, Picton House, Tuesday. Left her service on account of ill health - sea air considered too strong. Had entire charge of three little girls."
In 1881 she was working at 19 Camden Crescent, Bath for a Mr & Mrs Wilkinson as a domestic Nurse
In 1883 she was in Davos, Switzerland as a Governess from where she collected flowers in Zuy Engadin and inserted them into a pressed flower book which we still have.  She also kept a journal which includes poems and indicates that she was in Freiburg in Germany in August 1885.

After their marriage
They lived at 7 Grove St.   However Mary Jane died 5 days after the birth of their fourth daughter, Mary Jane, in 1892.  The children were probably brought up by their grandmother (Mary Field nee Butt) who lived at the same address and possibly with the help of Mary Jane's sister, Anna Matilda Hodges (nee Field).  Aubrey Giles continued to live in Grove St until the early 1900's.  About 1906 the family moved to 64 Third Avenue and a couple of years later to 35 Third Avenue, Bath until the time of Aubrey Giles' death in 1946.

PICTURES  (Click on the Thumbnails to enlarge the pictures)

Aubrey Giles Thomas about 1885 Mary Jane Field about 1880 Mary Jane, Eveline Mary & Margaret Etta
Margaret Etta, Mary Jane and Eveline Mary about 1901 Margaret Etta, Eveline Mary and Mary Jane about 1910 Mary Jane about 1915


Margaret Etta about 1917 The sisters in about 1938. 
Back row Aubrey Giles (father) Mary Selina Allsop (sister to Aubrey Giles), Eveline. 
Front row Joyce (daughter of Eveline) Mary Jane and Margaret


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CENSUS INFORMATION (For more detailed census info click on age)

Name: Aubrey Giles Tanner Mary Jane Field
Date Age Marital
Occupation Age Marital
1861 3 -   4 - Scholar
1871 13   Scholar 14 - Scholar
1881 23 Unm Carpenter 24 Unm Nurse (Domestic)
1891  33 Mar Carpenter and Bee(r) Keeper 34 Mar  
1901  43 Wid Beerhouse Keeper      
1911  53 Widower Publican (Retired)      


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