The family of William Tanner and Sarah Jones
(4xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   David TANNER    
   Mary SMITH    
William TANNER  Sarah JONES 
Married    09/07/1781 at Colerne P.C.
Bd   Bd 1748/9
Bp 09/01/1749 at Colerne P.C. Bp  
Dd 09/11/1821 Colerne Village Dd 01/06/1826
Bur 14/11/1821 at Colerne P.C. Bur 07/06/1826 at Colerne P.C.
Will PCC Will dated 13/09/1814
Proved 04/08/1824
Occ   Occ  
 Their Children:
    Francis Bp 23/09/1781
     Charles Bp 02/02/1783



The Court of the Manor of Colerne met on 31st October 1822. Extracted from the Court Book is the following:
"They also present that William Tanner late a customary Tenant of this Manor before this and since the last Court died siezed of certain premises holden of this Manor whereby a Heriot is due to the Lords and that Sarah Tanner his Widow is entitled to be admitted thereto for the Term of her Widowhood.
At this court came the said Sarah Tanner and prayed to be admitted to an Allotment in lieu of One Tenement Curtilage Barn Garden and one small close containing one Acre (more or less) with their Appurtenances situate and being in Colerne aforesaid within the Manor aforesaid (being parcel of a Tenement and half a yard Land called Funses with the Appurtenances) late in the tenure of the said William Tanner To Whom the Lords by their said Steward did grant and deliver Seizin thereof by the Rod To have the Premises aforesaid with the Appurtenances unto her the said Sarah Tanner for so long as she shall continue sole and unmarried To hold of the Lords by the Rod at the Will of the Lords according to the custom of the said Manor Paying therefore to the Lords by the year XXV and a Heriot when it shall happen and doing and performing all other Services Burthens and Customs thencebefore due and of right accustomed and the said Sarah Tanner gave to the Lords for a fine for such an Estate and Entrance thereof so had as was agreed on between them was admitted tenant to the said premises But her Fealty was respited until ??

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Charles Tanner was buried on 02/07/1823. In the Court Roll of 1802 he had originally been given second reversion of this property after his father's death. However his mother Sarah outlived him.

The court met again on the 15th October 1824. The first reversion of the above property is now given to Francis Tanner "aged forty three years or thereabouts". This is to take effect when Sarah Tanner dies. Second reversion is granted to George Tanner son of Francis.
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The photos shown at the links above are taken from New College Reference 3695 which is the Court Book for Colerne, 1776 to 1917, and are used by permission of the Warden and Fellows of New College Oxford.


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