The family of William Linnell and Elizabeth Elliott
(4xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   William LINNELL    William ELLIOT
   Sarah KEMP    Rebecca CAPORN
William LINNELL  Elizabeth ELLIOTT 
Married     23/11/1790 at Whittlebury Northants
Bd   Bd  
Bp 12/07/1767 Green's Norton Bp 02/10/1770 Luffield Abbey
Dd   Dd  
Bur   Bur 10/01/1861
Occ   Occ  
 Their Children:
1   William Bd 24/04/1791
2   Rebecca Bp 24/06/1792
3   Martha Bp 18/08/1793
4   John Bp 18/01/1795
5   Martha Bp 15/03/1797
6   George Bp 31/03/1799
7   Hannah Bp 13/07/1800
8   Hannah Bp 17/01/1802
9   Hariott Bp 11/03/1803
10   Hariott Bp 25/03/1804
11   Seely (Celia) Bp 27/10/1805 Whittlebury
12   Charlotte Bp 23/04/1809
13   Charlotte Bp 20/05/1810
14   Richard Bd 12/07/1811
15   Phoebe Bd 14/02/1813
16   Mary Bp 24/07/1814
17   Eliza  Bd 1816



William (Child no. 1) died 1864 in New Zealand
Martha (Child no. 3) died on 14/03/1794

John (Child no. 4) married Elizabeth Mayo. He died on 09/09/1872.  Their son (Rev) John Edward Linnell (Celia's nephew) wrote the book "Old Oak" published by Collins in 1932.  This is a story about life in Silverstone and recounts some of the family history.  A photo of him at about the age of 63 (~1905) is shown on the right.

An extract from the book follows with reference to Rev John Linnell:
His grandmother, Miss Elliott, of Luffield Abbey, a very considerable heiress, eloped with his grandfather, William Linnell of Silverstone; and his father John Linnell, born in 1795, was one of her seventeen children.  His grandmother's fortune, divided among so many sons and daughters, only brought a few thousands to his father, and these the latter never added to; in fact they diminished steadily in his keeping, for, easy and generous, he was for ever lending money, with the unhappy fate of all lenders.

Martha (Child no. 5) died 28/06/1819
George (Child no. 6) married Jane Wood.  He died on 21/05/1866
Hannah (Child no. 7) was buried on 09/04/1801
Hannah (Child no. 8) was buried on 29/08/1802
Hariott (Child no. 9) was buried on 18/02/1804
Hariott (Child no. 10) married George Mayo.  She died on 06/07/1877
Charlotte (Child no. 12) died on 18/07/1809
Charlotte (Child no. 13) died on 28/11/1810
Richard (Child no. 14) died on 12/10/1811
Phoebe (Child no 15) died on 05/06/1813


 Census William Linnell Elizabeth Elliott
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1851   link

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