The family of John Wake and Celia Linnell
(3xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Mathew WAKE    William LINNELL
   Ann CLARKE    Elizabeth ELLIOTT
Married     04/08/1825 at Whittlebury Northants
Bd   Bd  
Bp 06/05/1804 Whittlebury Bp 27/10/1805 Whittlebury
Dd 07/05/1892 Dd 16/08/1877
Bur Little Horwood Bur Little Horwood
Occ   Occ  
 Their Children:
1    George Bp 10/09/1825
2   Henry Bp 30/09/1827
3   James Bp 17/06/1829
4   Adelaide Bp 25/12/1831
5   Eliza Bp 22/06/1834
6   Henry Bp 05/06/1836
7   Jane Bp 24/12/1837
8   Ann Elizabeth Bp 20/10/1839
9   Clara Bp 25/09/1842
10   Louisa Bp 26/10/1845
11   Harriet Linnell  Bp 24/09/1848


There is a baptism entry in the Whittlebury parish register for a John Wake on 06/05/1804, parents John and Ann.  No record of a marriage for John and Ann has been found in Northants at an appropriate date and there are no other children baptised with these parents.  It is possible that there is an error in the parish register and that it should read John son of Mathew and Ann Wake for the following reasons:-
On the 1841 census there are three of John and Celia's children staying with Celia's mother, two others are with Matthew and Ann and another with John and Celia.
On the 1851 census Mathew (Widower) is staying with Mary Ann (Mathew and Ann's daughter) and her husband Farmer Sewell and is described as "Wife's father"
On the 1861 census Mathew is staying with John and Celia as a "Visitor"
On the 1871 census he is staying with Mary Ann and husband Farmer Sewell as a "Boarder"
Note also that John and Celia moved to Little Horwood between 1841 and 1851; George Wake (b~1819), a son of Matthew, moved to Great Horwood in the same period.

The only other male Wake relations living in Whittlebury/Silverstone at the time of John's birth were
1)   William Wake (Matthew's brother) - William had a daughter Elizabeth baptised in 1804 which makes him unlikely to be the father of John.  He also left a will proved on 4th Jan 1855 in which he left his property to his known children and there is no mention of him leaving property to John.
2)   John Wake (Matthew's brother) born in 1890 was married firstly in 1813 to Lydia Chapman and secondly in 1820 to Frances Ann Whittock so he was too young to have had a son in 1804.
3)   William Wake Snr - William, Matthew and John's father - was married to Elizabeth Rush in 1776
4)   John Wake - William, Matthew and John's uncle - married Sarah Padbury in 1784.  They had four children before 1798.  It is possible that Sarah died and John remarried an Ann and they had another child, John, but no death of Sarah in Whittlebury was found in the period up to 1805 and no second marriage was found.

The children:

1 George was baptised at Whittlebury.  He married Ann.  He died on 18th December 1901.  Ann died on 10th December 1905.

2 Henry was baptised at Whittlebury.  He died in childhood aged?? 

3 James was baptised at Whittlebury.  He married Charlotte Ashby on 29th April 1851 at Little Horwood  

4 Adelaide (my Great Great Grandmother) was baptised at Silverstone.  She married George King on 17th February 1862 at Little Horwood

5 Eliza was baptised at Silverstone. She married Frederick Potton on 28th December 1858 at Little Horwood

6 Henry was baptised at Silverstone. He married Hannah

7 Jane was baptised at Silverstone. She married Ephraim Mooring on 2nd May 1859 at Little Horwood

8 Ann Elizabeth was baptised at Silverstone. She married Abraham King Course on 27th August 1862 at Little Horwood

9 Clara was baptised at Silverstone. She married Eli Bennett on 15th October 1863 at Little Horwood

10 Louisa was baptised at Little Horwood. She married Thomas Grainge on 17th January 1878 at Little Horwood

11 Harriet Linnell was baptised at Little Horwood.  She married Brady Last on 24th December 1872 at Little Horwood

Other relations:

Celia's uncle, Edward Linnell, had several children including Simon (bp 16/09/1792 ) and Joseph (bp 30/11/1794).  A picture of these cousins of Celia, taken about 1864, is shown in the "Old Oak " book.

CENSUS INFORMATION (For more detailed census info click on link)

 Census John Wake Celia Linnell
1841  link  # link #
1851 link link
1861 link link
1871 link link
1881 link  
1891 link  

#   Note that there is a Henry and Jane (age 4 and 3) shown on the 1841 census  with Mathew and Ann Wake.  We think they are John and Celia's children.  We are unsure how Mathew is related to John and Celia.


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