The family of Thomas Coles and Elizabeth Cox
(3xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Thomas COLE    Henry COX
   Hannah SPIRES    Elizabeth SODEN
Thomas COLES  Elizabeth COX 
Married     02/03/1823 Monks Kirby
Bd 13/09/1803 Princethorpe (FB) Bd  
Bp 02/10/1803 Stretton on Dunsmore Bp 02/06/1799 Withybrook
Dd 28/09/1862 Princethorpe Dd  
Bur 05/10/1862 Stretton on Dunsmore Bur  28/06/1875?
Occ   Occ  
 Their Children:
1   Mary Ann Bd 18/02/1824 (FB)
2   Ann Bd 21/09/1826 (FB)
3   John Bd 19/09/1828 (FB)
4   Jane Bd 14/10/1830 (FB)
5   Elizabeth Bd 14/01/1833 (FB)
6   Mary  Bd 08/03/1843 (FB)


1. Mary Ann only lived a few months.  She died on 4th June 1824 and her burial date is given as 7th June 1824. All information from the Family Bible

2. Ann Coles was baptised at Stretton on Dunsmore on 15th October 1826. She married John Hirons on 15th October 1846.  He was born in about 1820 and died on 27th October 1848.  They had two children - William Hirons born on 7th November 1846 who was baptised at Stretton on Dunsmore on 29th Nov 1846 and John Hirons born on 7th April 1849.

3. John Coles was baptised on 12th October 1828 at Stretton on Dunsmore.  He died in Malta in 1855.

4. Jane was baptised on 14th November 1830 at Stretton on Dunsmore.

5. Elizabeth Coles was baptised on 10th March 1833 at Stretton on Dunsmore.  She married William Bryan on 21st December 1857 at St. Thomas, Birmingham (IGI).  She died on 14th September 1864 (Family Bible).


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 Census Thomas Coles Elizabeth Cox
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