The family of John Ayres and Mary Hill
(3xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   James AYRES  Joseph HILL
   Mary PERRITT  Catharine FRANCIS
John AYRES  Mary HILL 
Married    30/04/1846 at North Bradley P.C.
Bd   Bd 07/06/1826 N. Bradley
Bp 31/10/1830 N. Bradley P.C. Bp   
Dd   Dd  
Bur   Bur  
Occ  Yeoman, Cattle Dealer, Pig Dealer, Farmer Occ   
 Their Children:
1   Emma EYERS Bd 09/06/1846 N. Bradley
2   William EYERS Bd GRO Q3 1848 Westbury
3   Rosa EYRES Bd GRO Q4 1850 Westbury
4   Edwin Albert EYERS Bd GRO Q1 1855 Westbury
5   Fred EYERS Bd GRO Q4 1856 Westbury
6   Mary Ann EYERS Bd GRO Q4 1858 Westbury
7  James EYERS Bd GRO Q2 1861 Westbury
8   Harry Rowland EYERS Bd GRO Q2 1863 Westbury
9   Walter Herbert EYERS Bd GRO Q1 1868 Westbury





CENSUS INFORMATION (For more detailed census info click on age)

Name: John Ayres Mary Hill
Date Age Marital
Occupation Age Marital
1841 15            
1851 25 Mar Ag Lab 25 Mar  
1861 35 Mar Ag Lab 34 Mar Ag Lab Wife
1871 45 Mar Pig Dealer 44 Mar  
1881 55 Mar Farmer of 9 acres
employing 2 sons
54 Mar  


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