The family of William Cleverly and Caroline Holly
(3xGreat Uncle and Aunt)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   George CLEVERLY  Thomas HOLLY
   Hannah PIERCE  Betsy SUTTON
William CLEVERLY  Caroline HOLLY
Married   25/12/1858 at Christ Church, Derry Hill
Bd   Bd  
Bp 21/07/1833 Bp 18/11/1832 St Andrews Chippenham
Dd 05/12/1883 Dd  
Bur 11/12/1883 Derry Hill Bur 23/10/1910 Derry Hill
Occ Ag Labourer and Carter Occ   
 Their Children:
1   Sarah Ann Bp 10/11/1860 Derry Hill
2   William Frederick Bd reg. Q3 1862 Chippenham
3   Harry Bp 24/07/1865 Derry Hill
4   Mary Anne Bp 20/02/1867 Derry Hill
5   Caroline Bp 06/03/1870 Derry Hill
6   Annie Louisa Bd 24/11/1871
7   Cornellius Tom Bp 25/01/1874 Derry Hill
8   Florence Mary Bp 30/07/1876 Derry Hill


Caroline also had a child Susan Elizabeth registered in Chippenham Q1 1857 who appears on the 1871 census as Susan E Cleverly.

William Frederic married Sarah Jane Gingell on 07/01/1888 at the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Chippenham. He died in 1942 (death registered Q2 1942 Chippenham).
Harry married Emily Cutler on 02/05/1906 in Derry Hill.  Emily died in 1923 and Harry emigrated to the USA to live with his brother Tom.  He died in 1938.
Carrie (Caroline) married Robert Charles Alexander in London Q3 1894.
Annie Louisa was baptised on 10/03/1872 in Derry Hill.  She married William Alexander.
Cornelius Tom (known as Tom) emigrated to the USA in 1892 where he married Agnes about 1906.
Florence Mary married George Simpkins at Derry Hill on 11/02/1907.

After William's death in 1883 Caroline (nee Holly) married Job Gingell on 07/01/1888 at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Chippenham.

A letter that was written by Tom in the USA to his neice Kathleen, the daughter of Florence and her husband George Simpkins, has been kept by the family.   You can see a picture of the original by clicking this link.  (My thanks to Rachel Gough, who is a descendant of William, for supplying me with this.)
A transcript follows...

Onondaga County
New York
Dear Kathleen
I am sure that you have been looking for this letter for sometime as I am sure you had a perfect right to and I think it was very nice of you to write to me and I was very pleased to get it although it does not seem possible to me that you are grown up and I have never seen you but that is the case but perhaps some time in the future we may possibly see each other in reading over your letter I see that you would prefer to breeches and boots so I think that you had better come over and live with us and I can assure you that you would be able to wear that kind of rig and I could keep you busy helping milk taking care of poultry and such like of course we do not keep many cows at present we have twelve as last summer was so awful dry it was the worst season that I ever saw but we managed to pull through and I am glad to say that we are all cleaned up and ready for winter you wanted to hear about this country Well I think it is the finiest in the world I have been here almost forty five years and am still alive of course it is nothing like what you are used to we have the heat in summer and the cold in winter today has been very wet with rain and a little snow and of course we shall be getting more right along now but you do not mind it we can keep warm in the house and when we go out to the barn or the woods we dress to suit the weatherhave you heard anything of Aunt Lou lately when you see her kindly remember me to her and say that I have not forgotten that I owe her a letter How is your Father keeping is he still working if so at what and where from what I hear of Chippenham if I came back I would not know the place Well Dear I must see about closing hoping to hear from you again in the near future Glad to say that Aunt Agnes + Uncle Harry are both keeping well Will Close with best love from Uncle Tom xxxx
Be sure & put Mr Tom Cleverly there are so many Cleverleys. It will soon be Christmas


CENSUS INFORMATION (For more detailed census info click on age)

Name: William Cleverly Caroline Holly
Date Age Marital
Occupation Age Marital
1841 8           
1851 18 Un Ag Lab   Mar  
1861 29  Mar Ag lab 28 Mar  
1871 36  Mar Labourer 37 Mar  
1881 48  Mar Labourer 48 Mar  
1891       55 Mar  
1901       66 Mar  


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