The family of Eli William Sanders and Sarah Anne Hixxon
(Great Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Isaac SANDERS    
   Maria BRIERS    Hannah HIXXON
Eli William SANDERS  Sarah Anne HIXXON 
Married     14/07/1885 at St Peter's Coventry, Warwickshire
Bd   Bd 14/07/1864 (GRO Foleshill 6d,370)
Bp 03/02/1861 Bp 20/08/1864 Keresley, Warks
Dd q4,1942 (Meriden 6d 637) Age 83 Dd q2,1934 (Meriden 6d 675) Age 69
Bur   Bur  
Occ Carriage inspector / Butter merchant Occ Shop Assistant
 Their Children:
 1   Eva Annie  Bd
q4, 1885, Foleshill (6d,470 GRO)
04/05/1907 Keresley, Warks
2   Millie (Milly) Bd
q3, 1887 Foleshill (6d, 461 GRO)
04/05/1907 Keresley, Warks
3   Montague William Bd
q3, 1889 Foleshill (6d, 466 GRO)
04/05/1907 Keresley, Warks
4   Alic Kenneth Hixxon Bd
04/05/1907 Keresley, Warks
5   Randolf Euart Bd
q4, 1893 Foleshill (6d, 478 GRO)
23/11/1907 Keresley, Warks
6   Gladys Hilda Hannah Bd
q1, 1896 Foleshill (6d, 478 GRO)
23/11/1907 Keresley, Warks
7   Aubrey Robert Joseph (Jeff) Bd
q4, 1897 Foleshill (6d, 521 GRO)
23/11/1907 Keresley, Warks
8   Sylvia Iris Bd q4, 1911 Foleshill (6d, 935 GRO)




CENSUS INFORMATION (For more detailed census info click on link)

 Census Eli William Sanders Sarah Anne Hixxon
1861 link  
1871 link link
1881 link - see note below link
1891 link link
1901 link link
1911 link link

The 1881 census shows Eli and his brother Allen lodging with his Uncle and Aunt, John and Mary Ann Sanders.  Their relationship to John is incorrectly shown as son.

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