The family of John Kirk and Caroline Loverseed (nee Tupling)
(2xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Thomas KIRK    Thomas TUPLIN(G)
       Catherine SMITH
Married     04/03/1851 at St Stephen's Sneinton, Notts (Parish record)
Bd ~1811 Bd  
Bp   Bp 02/07/1821
Dd  30/03/1882 age 71 Nottingham Dd  29/12/1888 age 67 Cheetham Lancs.
Bur   Bur  
Occ Mechanic, Lace Maker, 
Beer House Keeper
 Their Children:
 1   Catharine   Bd q1 1852 (GRO Nottingham 7b 224)
 2   Mary Ann  Bd q4 1854 (GRO Nottingham 7b ???)
 3   Joseph  Bd q4 1856 (GRO Nottingham 7b 186?)
 4   Thomas  Bd q2 1862 (GRO  Radford 7b,192)
 5   Ellen  Bd q2 1862 (GRO  Radford 7b,192)
 6   Anne  Bd q1 1865 (GRO  Radford 7b 196)



John Kirk was previously married (on 28/02/1831 at Sneinton St Stephens, 'both of this parish', witnesses William Marriott and Thos Morley) to Alice Toplady (burial date 05/08/1849 age 41)
They had 7 children - Betsey Ann (Bp 14/07/1833), Elizabeth Jane (Bp 03/08/1834), Thomas (Bp 20/11/1836), Catherine Alice (Bp 10/06/1838, Bur 03/01/1847), John (Bp15/12/1839), Thomas (Bd ~1843), William (Bd ~1847).  All these baptisms were at St Stephen's, Sneinton.

Caroline was previously married to William Loverseed (q2, 1843 GRO Nottingham 15,817).  She was widowed.  There are two death records for a William Loverseed - q3,1843 Radford (GRO 15,391) and q1, 1849 Radford (GRO 15,484)

The marriage record of John Kirk to Caroline Loverseed on March 4th 1851 states that John is of full age, he is a mechanic and from John Street, Sneinton. John's father is recorded as Thomas Kirk a Framework Knitter. Caroline Loverseed is of full age, no occupation and from Eyre Street, Sneinton. Caroline's father is recorded as Thomas Tupling, Framework Knitter. The marriage was by Banns. The witnesses were William Marriott and Mary Ann Tupling.

Both the 1871 and 1881 census show the Kirk family as living at 70 Woodborough Road.  This was a public house - The Earl of Lincoln Arms.

John Kirk died 30th March 1882 at his home in Woodborough Road (Death Certificate).  The informant was his daughter by his first marriage, Elizabeth Jane Proctor of 14 Lamastine Street, Nottingham.  Cause of death was disease of the bladder.

Caroline Kirk was living with her daughter Ellen and son-in-law George Prosser at 9 Vernon Street Cheetham when she died.  She died of chronic bronchitis and emphysema (Death Certificate).


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    Caroline Loverseed
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