The family of George Gainey and Elizabeth Weston
(2xGreat Grandparents) 

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Robert GAINEY    William WESSON
   Elizabeth PINNELL    Elizabeth HARRING
George GAINEY  Elizabeth WESTON 
Married    08/10/1855 at Melksham P.C.
Bd   Bd  
Bp 31/01/1830 Kington St. Michael P.C. Bp 21/10/1832 Melksham P.C.
Dd 19/05/1884 Chippenham Dd 14/03/1904 Chippenham
Bur 22/05/1884 Yatton Keynell P.C. Bur 18/03/1904 Yatton Keynell P.C.
Occ Butcher, Grocer, Publican Occ  
 Their Children:
 1   Angelina  Bp 14/12/1856
 2   Alice Bd 07/06/1857
3   Anne Bp 07/08/1859
4   Robert Bp 30/06/1861
5   George Bp 17/01/1864
6   Julia Bd 18/06/1865
7   Agnes Adelaide Bd 02/08/1869
8   Henry William Bd q1,1873 (Chippenham PRO 5a,75)


All children were baptised at Kington St. Michael P.C.  Henry's baptism is unknown.

Julia was buried on 27/12/1865 at Kington St. Michael P.C.

PICTURES  (Click on the Thumbnails to enlarge the pictures)

The earliest photo in the collection showing front and rear. 
Could this have been Elizabeth Weston with her first two children Angelina and Alice?  Date about 1860.



CENSUS INFORMATION (For more detailed census info click on age)

Name: George Gainey Elizabeth Weston
Date Age Marital
Occupation Age Marital
1841 ?   Ag Lab 9    
1851 20 U Lab 18 U House Servant
1861 31 Mar Butcher and Grocer 27 Mar  
1871 41 Mar (Butcher) and Grocer 36 Mar  
1881 51 Mar Butcher and Publican 47 Mar  
1891       60 Wid Living on her own means
1901       68 Widow Living on her own means