The family of William Wesson and Elizabeth Harring
(3xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Robert WESSON   John HARRING
   Susanna ESCOTT   Jane FRANCES
William WESSON  Elizabeth HARRING
Married   (second marriage for Elizabeth)
Bd   Bd  
Bp 28/06/1807 Bp 12/08/1807 Lacock P.C.
Dd   Dd q1 1870 Age 67 Melksham
Bur 20/04/1888 Bur 21/01/1870 Melksham P.C.
Occ Agricultural Labourer Occ   
 Their Children:
1   Marianne WESTON Bp 25/12/1829 Lacock P.C.
2   Elizabeth WESTON Bp 21/10/1832 Melksham P.C.
3   Jane WESTON Bd 09/07/1838
4   William WESTON Bp 07/11/1841 Lacock P.C.
5   Mark WESTON Bd 1842/3
6   John WESTON Bd 1849/50
7   William WESTON Bd 1850/51
8   Eliza WESTON Bd 1851/52


Elizabeth's first marriage was to ? HOBBS

In the St Catherine's index Elizabeth is recorded as dying in the March quarter of 1870 age 67 at Melksham
In the Melksham register she is recorded to have died on 21/01/1870 age 57 abode 'Union Workhouse'

Jane was baptised at  Lacock P.C. on 05/08/1838
John died in Q1/1853 Melksham
Eliza... We were originally unsure about the census entry for 1861.  However we have since found an entry in the 1871 census for Shipton Moyne in Gloucestershire for an Eliza Weston aged 18 (not 16 as transcribed) born Melksham.  She is shown as a sister to Mary A Oram aged 37 born Lacock.  Mary in the 1841 census, christened Marianne in 1829 is shown as Mary Anne Weston who marries William Oram in Q3/1843 in Melksham RD.  This therefore seems to confirm the 1861 census entry.

CENSUS INFORMATION  (For more detailed census info click on age) 

Name: William Weston Elizabeth Harring
Date Age Marital
Occupation Age Marital
1841 30     30    
1851 43 Mar Ag Lab 42 Mar Ag Lab's wife
1861 56 Mar Ag Lab 56 Mar  
1881 78 widr Inmate      


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