The family of James Dainton and Charlotte Freeman
( 3xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
    William Goden DAINTON  
   Sarah BARNES  
James DAINTON  Charlotte FREEMAN 
Married    30/11/1824 at Trowbridge St. James P.C.
Bd  25/06/1802 Trowbridge Bd 1801/8
Bp  1836 Bp  1836
Dd 23/04/1885 (Zion Baptist Church Record) Age 82 Dd  Q2 1845 Melksham RD Melksham
Bur   Bur  02/04/1845 (Zion Baptist Church Record)
Occ  Handloom Weaver Occ  Weaver
 Their Children:
 1   George  Bp 14/05/1826
2   George Bp 07/12/1828
3   Ann Bp 10/07/1831
4   William Bd 28/02/1833
5   Maria Bd 13/02/1835
6   Mary Bp 25/06/1837
7   Joseph Bd q2,1839 (Free BMD)
8   Samuel Bp 18/05/1843
9   Rebecca Bp 18/05/1843 


James Dainton's parents are thought to be William and Sarah Dainton. It is however possible that his parents are William and Jane Dainton - the father and mother of this William.

Both James and Charlotte were baptised in the Zion Baptist Church in 1836 by Rev John Warburton.  Their membership numbers are 394 and 395 resp.

We had previously thought that James died in 1851/2 However we have now found him on the 1861, '71 and '81 census' married to Elizabeth. The marriage took place on 20th November 1853 at Trowbridge Parish Church
James Dainton Full Age Widower Weaver Father: William Dainton Weaver
Elizabeth Stokes Full Age Widow Picker Father: James Summers Book Keeper

This confirms that this is the Elizabeth Stokes (nee Summers) who was originally married to Reubin Stokes. (Link to this family)

All baptisms above took place at Trowbridge St. James


CENSUS INFORMATION (For more detailed census info click on age)

Name: James Dainton Charlotte Freeman
Date Age Marital
Occupation Age Marital
1841 35   Weaver 35   Weaver
1851 49 Widr Handloom Weaver      
    Elizabeth Stokes (nee Summers)
1861 59 M Woollen Weaver 62 M Woollen Picker
1871 68 M Woollen Cloth Worker 71 M Woollen Cloth Worker
1881 78 M Cloth Worker 83 M Cloth Worker

  Note - Could the Ann Freeman on the 1851 census possibly be Charlotte Freeman's mother? (not found on the 1841 census)

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