The family of William Field and Mary Butt
(2xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   William FIELD    William BUTT
      Elizabeth WILLIAMS
William FIELD  Mary BUTT 
Married     13/11/1855 (second marriage for William) at Bathwick P.C.
Bd 1812/13 London Bd 15/03/1820 Bath
Bp   Bp 09/04/1820 Bathwick P.C.
Dd 14/10/1889 Dd 29/12/1908 
Bur St. James Cemetery Bath  Bur St. James Cemetery Bath
Occ Cordwainer, Master Shoemaker, Bootmaker and Publican Occ  
 The Children of William and Ann
 1   Elizabeth Bd 01/07/1844
2   Elizabeth Ann Bd 29/10/1845
3   William Charles Bd 02/02/1847
4   Emma Bd 21/03/1849
5   Helen Bd 21/12/1850
 The Children of William and Mary
6   Mary Jane Bd 07/08/1856
7   Anna Matilda Bd 26/01/1858


William Field was born at St. Giles without Cripplegate, London.

His first marriage was to Ann Sage on 26/04/1843 at the Parish Church in the Parish of Trinity, Bath. His age is given as 29, Bachelor, Cordwainer of 2 Norfolk Place, Bath. His father is given as the late William Field, Tailor. Her age is given as 31, Spinster, of 14 Charles Street, Bath. Her father is given as John Sage, Carpenter.  Ann died in 1854.

The second child Elizabeth Ann died 13/07/1846
The third child William Charles died 04/06/1850

The BMD records for William and Ann's family and for the parents and siblings of Mary Butt are recorded on two sides of a sheet of paper. They are in identical handwriting probably that of Mary Butt.  See the picture below.

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Anna Matilda, Mary, William & Mary Jane about 1870.   BMD information for the Butt and Field families


CENSUS INFORMATION (For more detailed census info click on age)

Name: William Field Ann Sage
Date Age Marital
Occupation Age Marital
1841 25   Cordwainer J      
1851 38 Mar Cordwainer 38 Mar  
        Mary Butt
1841     See above 20 U  
1851     See above 30 U  
1861 48 Mar Bootmaker 41 Mar Scholar
1871 56 Mar Bootmaker 51 Mar Wife of Bootmaker
1881 64 Mar Publican 61 Mar  
1891       71 Wid Retired Beer house keeper
1901       81 Wid Retired Beer house keeper

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