The family of Charles Butler and Sarah Horne
(3xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   Robert BUTLER    Thomas HORNE
   Sarah HOPKINS    Elizabeth OSBORNE
Charles BUTLER  Sarah HORNE 
Married  11/09/1814 St James Bath  (second marriage for Charles)
Bd 17/03/1781 Colerne Bd 16/10/1787 Corsham Village
Bp 18/03/1781 at Colerne P.C. Bp  
Dd   Dd 22/01/1862 Colerne Village
Bur 26/12/1853 at Colerne Independent Chapel Bur  
Will Arch Wilts will dated 07/11/1853
Proved 1854
Occ Carpenter Occ  
 The Children of Charles and Mary Aust:
1   Charlotte Bp 24/07/1811
 The Children of Charles and Sarah Horne:
1   Mary Anne Horne Bp 30/06/1816
2   Elijah Bd 04/06/1819
3   Martha Bd 10/09/1821
4   Anna Bd 17/02/1824
5   Sarah Selina Bd 08/08/1826
6   Thomas Bd 31/01/1829



Charles Butler was born in Colerne

He married Mary Aust on 09/05/1810 at Walcot St. Swithins P.C.. Note that the Family Bible states that this marriage took place on 09/05/1811.  Mary was buried on 23/03/1812.
Their only child Charlotte was buried on 05/08/1811

His second marriage was to Sarah Horne.  She was born in Corsham.

Charles and Sarah are shown on the 1851 census as living on the High Street at the junction with Chapel Lane.  They are buried in the churchyard of the Independent Chapel in Chapel Lane Colerne.  This gravestone, as well as giving Charles birth and death date gives Sarah's birth as 16th Oct 1787 and death as 16th Jan 1862. 

The gravestone also says ... "Also Thomas Butler - son - born 31st Jan 1829, died at Carrolton Illinois N. America 2nd Aug 1860.   Also in affectionate remembrance of Anna, beloved daughter of the above Charles and Sarah Butler who fell asleep in Jesus 4th Aug 1888 age 64 years"  

The Children of Charles and Sarah (Information from the Family Bible)
The first child Maryann Horne Butler was christened at church on 06/02/1816 by Mr Price
The second child Elijah Butler was born on 04/06/1819 and baptised at Colerne Chapel by Rev Mr Bowne
The third child Martha Butler was born on 10/09/1821 and baptised at Colerne Chapel by Rev Mr Millin of Bath
The fourth child Anna Butler was born on 07/02/1824 and was baptised at Colerne Chapel by Rev Mr Bowne of Bath
The fifth child Sarah Selina Butler was born on 07/08/1826 and was baptised at Colerne Chapel by Mr Davis
The sixth child Thomas Butler was born on 31/01/1829 and was baptised by Moses Davis at Colerne Chapel
Note small discrepancies between the information from the Family Bible and the previous source (Check!)

PICTURES  (click on the thumbnail pictures to get a larger image)
The picture of Sarah Horne and that of the Family Bible are courtesy of John Doran and Sue Hill in Canada - Charles Butler and Sarah Horne are John's Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandparents

Sarah Horne The Family Bible

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Charles and Sarah Butler's house on the corner of the High Street and Chapel Lane, Colerne Charles and Sarah Butler's gravestone
The Independent Chapel in Chapel Lane, Colerne built in 1824 The Churchyard adjacent to the Chapel in Chapel Lane, Colerne.  The Gravestone of Charles and Sarah is at the back on the left.


CENSUS INFORMATION (For more detailed census info click on age)

Name: Charles Butler Sarah Horne
Date Age Marital
Occupation Age Marital
1841 50   Carpenter 50    
1851 70 M Carpenter - no men 63 M Carpenter's wife
1861       73 W Proprietor of houses

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