The family of George King and Adelaid Wake
(2xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
   James KING    John WAKE
   Mary Ann Sipthorp IBELL    Celia LINNELL
George KING  Adelaid WAKE 
Married     17/02/1862 at Whaddon, Bucks
Bd   Bd  25/12/1831 Silverstone
Bp 01/01/1838 Whaddon Bp  
Dd 1925 Dd  
Bur   Bur  
Occ   Occ  
 Their Children:
1   Harry  Bd 23/02/1862 (IGI)
q2,1862 Winslow (GRO 3a,449)
2   Mary Ann Bd q4/1863 Winslow (GRO 3a,452)
3   Celia Jane Bd q3,1865 Winslow (GRO 3a,460)
4   John James Bd 03/02/1867
q1,1867 Winslow (GRO 3a,525)
5   Frederick William Bd q3,1869 Winslow (GRO 3a,503)
6   Arthur Bd q1,1871 Winslow (GRO 3a,560)


Harry was baptised at Little Horwood on 13/07/1862 (IGI)

All the following children were baptised at Whaddon
2. Mary Ann was baptised on 27/12/1863.
3. Celia Jane was baptised on 03/03/1867
4. John James was baptised on 03/03/1867
5. Frederick William was baptised on 25/04/1869.


George King (age 21 in 1859) George King

Adelaide King (nee Wake)

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 Census  George King Adelaid Wake
1841  link link
1851   link  link
1861   link  link
1871  link  link
1881  link  link
1891  link  link
1901  link  link
1911  link  

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