The family of Hugh Thomas Davies and Maria Llewellyn
(3xGreat Grandparents)

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  His Parents:   Her Parents:
  James DAVIES   William LLEWELLIN
  Frances JONES   Sarah JOHNES
Hugh Thomas DAVIES  Maria LLEWELLYN 
Married   19/01/1830 St Mary-le-Bone, Middlesex
Bd  1805/6 Bd  ~1811
Bp  20/02/1806 Bp  
Dd  29/11/1842 Hay Age 36 Dd  Q1 1890 Bath Age79 (Vol5c pg480)
Bur  03/12/1842 St Mary's Church, Hay Bur  
Occ  Painter, Glazier, Plumber etc. Occ  
 Their Children:
  1   Thomas  Bp 02/01/1831 Hay Breconshire
  2   Maria  Bp 25/12/1832 Hay Breconshire
  3   Sarah  Bp 31/07/1834 Hay Breconshire
  4   Emma  Bp 24/02/1837 Hay Breconshire
  5   Lucy  Bp 13/03/1839 Hay Breconshire
  6   Edmund  Bp 14/02/1841 Hay Breconshire
  7   Helen  Bp 14/05/1843 Hay Breconshire
  8   Charles  Bp 23/07/1847 Hay Breconshire



The baptism record for Thomas Davies, the first son, gives his father's name as Hugh Thomas Davies, whereas all the other baptism records give the father's name as Thomas Davies.


The birth certificate for Edmund Davies gives his date of birth as 31/12/1840.  His father is shown as Thomas Davies, Painter and Glazier and his mother is Maria Davies nee Llewellyn.  The birth is registered at Hay Q1 1841 Vol 26 Page 319.

The same Edmund Davies is shown on the 1851 census as a pupil of Christ's Hospital, Hertford.  The Christ's Hospital records give details regarding his admission to the school - The application for a place in the school was made in 1850 by his mother, Mrs. Maria Davies, who explained that her husband had died seven years ago (in 1843).  She recorded that Hugh Davies had been a plumber and glazier in the town of Hay.  She had seven children, no certain income and only a small allowance from her mother.  The records refer to her marriage and to Edmund's birth and baptism certificates.  There is also a statement by a James Davies (elder brother of Hugh) of 39 Gresham Street West, signed at the Guildhall on 30th September 1850 with the wording "Hugh Davies as on the certificate of marriage is the same person as Thomas Davies on the certificate of birth (both the father of Edmund Davies);  the correct name was (he having died) Hugh Davies although he was called Tom or Thomas."  Note: Harriet Davies (the wife of James) was living at the above address on the 1851 census.

Edmund was discharged from Christ's Hospital on 20th December 1855, signed out by his aunt, Mrs Elizabeth Llewellyn (stet), of 14 Middlesex Square Islington on behalf of his mother who was living at Broad Street, Hay, Brecon.  Edmund would have started at the preparatory school at Hertford before transfer at about the age of 11 to the senior school at Newgate Street in the city of London.  Neither site now exists, the school having transfered to new building at Horsham in Sussex in 1902.

Information about the school is available on the website  It is a charitable foundation, accepting especially children of families in social, financial or other need.  We are very grateful for the help we have received from the Museum of Christ's Hospital in providing much of the above information.


Thomas Davies died on 29th November 1842 age 36.  The record of his burial in St Mary's Hay states:- Thomas Davies Hay age 36.
His gravestone in St Mary's churchyard reads:-
"Sacred to the Memory of Hugh Thomas Davies of this town Plumber etc who departed this life 29th Nov 1842 in the 37th year of his age"
The Hereford Journal for 7th December 1842 reports his death:-
"Nov.29 at Hay, in the 33d year of his age, Mr Thos. Davies, painter, who has left a beloved wife and a young and numerous family to deplore his loss.  Mr. Davies was a person very much respected in the town and neighbourhood, and his death has caused great regret amongst all classes that knew him."
This is followed by an article in the Hereford Journal on Wednesday 7th May 1845 announcing the "Unreserved Sale of Valuable Household Furniture and other effects to be Sold by Auction."  It continues..."On Wednesday 14th day of May instant, by order of the Administratrix of, and upon the Premises as formerly occupied by, the late Mr. Thos. Davies, of Hay aforesaid, paper hanger, plumber, glazier, and painter, deceased, and as now held by his widow, for the benefit of his creditors, - All the Household Goods, Chattels ....." etc etc.

The last child Charles was born four years after the death of Thomas Davies.  The baptism record gives his mother's name but no father.



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