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12/12/2010searchChristines's search updated
12/12/2010searchTony's search updated
10/12/2010Shared Lines updatedMore illustrious ancestors added to Shared Lines
18/11/2010searchTony's search updated
18/11/2010searchChristine's search updated
10/11/2010sh262711Page created for Richard II/Judith de Bretagne
10/11/2010sh262710Page created for Robert II/Herleve
10/11/2010sh262708Page created for Robert I/Poppa
10/11/2010sh262707Page created for Guillame/Sprota
10/11/2010sh262706Page created for Richard I/Gunnora
09/11/2010sh262709Page created for Osbern Giffard
09/11/2010sh262705Page created for Osbern de Bolebec/Aveline de Crepon
09/11/2010sh262704Page created for Gauthier Giffard/Ermengarde
09/11/2010sh262703Page created for Herbastus de Crepon
09/11/2010sh262702Page created for Herfast de Crepon
09/11/2010sh262701Page created for Osbern The Steward/Emma d'Irvy
06/11/2010sh111218Page created for Baldwin de Clare/Adelline de ROLLOS
05/11/2010sh212210Page updated for Alfonso II/Sancha de Castilla
05/11/2010sh212211Page updated for Sancho III /Blanca de Navarra
05/11/2010sh212213Page updated for Alfonso VII/Berenguela/Ryksa
05/11/2010sh212212Page updated for Alfonso I King of Portugal/Mathilde de Savoie
05/11/2010sh212209Page updated for Fernando II/Urraca de Portugal
05/11/2010sh212208Page updated for Alfonso IX/Berenguela of Castile
05/11/2010sh212207Page updated for Fernando III/Jeanne de Dammartin
04/11/2010sh212206Page updated for Alfonso Berenger/Gersende de Sabran
04/11/2010sh212205Page updated for Raymond de Berenger/Beatrix de Savoie
04/11/2010sh212204Page updated for Alfonso de Castile/Eleanor of England
04/11/2010sh212203Page updated for Louis VIII/Blanca de Castilla
04/11/2010sh212202Page updated for Louis IX/Marguerite de Provence
04/11/2010sh212201Page updated for Philippe II/Marie of Brabant
03/11/2010sh192010Page updated for Robert de Beaumont/Isabelle de Vermandois
03/11/2010sh192009Page updated for William FitzOsbern/Adelisa de Tosny
03/11/2010sh192008Page updated for Ralph de Gael/Emma of Hereford
03/11/2010sh192007Page updated for Ralph de Gael/?
03/11/2010sh192006Page updated for Robert de Beaumont/Amice de Gael
03/11/2010sh192005Page updated for Roger de Veilles/Adeline de Meulan
03/11/2010sh192004Page updated for Henry de Beaumont/Marguerite de Perche
03/11/2010sh192003Page updated for Roger de Beaumont/Gundred de Warenne
03/11/2010sh192002Page updated for Waleran Earl of Warwick/Alice d'Harcourt
03/11/2010sh192001Page updated for William Mauduit/Alice of Warwick
03/11/2010sh171806Page updated for Llywelyn ap Iorwerth/Mistress
03/11/2010sh171812Page updated for Iorwerth/Marered of Powys
03/11/2010sh171813Page updated for Owain/Gwladus
03/11/2010sh171814Page updated for Gruffydd / Angharad of Deheubarth
03/11/2010sh171815Page updated for Owain/?
03/11/2010sh171816Page updated for Edwin/Iweryd
03/11/2010sh171811Page updated for Cadell/?
03/11/2010sh171810Page updated for Tewdr Mawr/?
03/11/2010sh171809Page updated for Rhys ap Tewdr/Gwladus
03/11/2010sh171808Page updated for Gerald de windsor/Nest
03/11/2010sh171807Page updated for King Gruffydd/Mistress
03/11/2010sh171805Page updated for Caradog ap Iestyn/Gwladus
03/11/2010sh171804Page updated for Maurice FitzGerald / ?
03/11/2010sh171803Page updated for Gerald FitzMaurice/Eve de Bermingham
03/11/2010sh171802Page updated for Maurice FitzGerald/Juliana
03/11/2010sh171801Page updated for Maurice FitzMaurice/Emiline Longespee
01/11/2010sh151612Page updated for Alfred King of Wessex / Ealhswith
01/11/2010sh151611Page updated for Edward the Elder/Eadgifu
01/11/2010sh151610Page updated for Edmund King of Wessex / Aelfgifu
01/11/2010sh151609Page updated for Edgar the Peaceable / Aelfthryth
01/11/2010sh151608Page updated for Aethelred the Unready / Aelfgiva
01/11/2010sh151607Page updated for Edmond Ironside / Aeldgyth
01/11/2010sh151606Page updated for Edward the Exile/Agatha
01/11/2010sh151605Page updated for Crinan of Athol / Bethoc
01/11/2010sh151604Page updated for Duncan I of Scotland / Sibylla
01/11/2010sh151603Page updated for Malcolm III of Scotland/St Margaret
01/11/2010sh151602Page updated for David I of Scotland/Matilda
01/11/2010sh131410Page updated for William I / Matilda de Flandre
01/11/2010sh131409Page updated for Henry I / Editha of Scotland
01/11/2010sh131408Page updated for Geoffrey V/Matilda of England
01/11/2010sh131407Page updated for Henry II/Eleonor of Aquitaine
29/10/2010sh111205Page updated for John de Lacy/Margaret de Quincy
29/10/2010sh111217Page updated for Roger Montgommery/Mabile d'Alencon
29/10/2010sh111201Page updated for Gilbert de Clare/Joan of Acre
29/10/2010sh091012Page updated for William de Beauchamp/Joan Walerie
29/10/2010sh091011Page updated for Walter de Beauchamp/Joan Mortimer
29/10/2010sh091010Page updated for Geoffrey FitzPiers/Aveline de Clare
29/10/2010sh091009Page updated for William Beauchamp/Isabel Mauduit
29/10/2010sh091008Page updated for John FitzGeoffrey/Isabel Bigod
29/10/2010sh091007Page updated for William de Beauchamp/Maud FitzJohn
29/10/2010sh091006Page updated for William de Londres/Margaret Caradog
29/10/2010sh091005Page updated for Maurice de Londres/Mable de Cantelupe
29/10/2010sh091004Page updated for Pain de Chaworth/Gundred de la Ferte
29/10/2010sh091003Page updated for Thomas de Londres/Eve de Tracy
29/10/2010sh091002Page updated for Patrick de Chaworth/Hawise de Londres
29/10/2010sh091001Page updated for Isabel de Beauchamp/Patrick de Chaworth/Hugh Despencer
29/10/2010sh091000Page updated for Hugh Despencer/Eleanor de Clare
29/10/2010c/gm61311834Page updated for two marriages of Richard FitzAlan
27/10/2010Shared0708Tree updated for two marriages of Richard FitzAlan
27/10/2010c/gm61311822John le Strange/Mary FitzAlan page updated
27/10/2010c/gm61311811Richard Talbot/Ankaret le Strange page updated
27/10/2010c/gm6131134Thomas Barre/Alice Talbot page updated
26/10/2010shared070805Stephen de Segrave/Alice FitzAlan page updated
26/10/2010shared070806Richard FitzAlan/Alasia di Saluzzo page updated
26/10/2010shared070800Edmund FitzAlan/Alice de Warenne page updated
19/10/2010shared070812Roger de Mowbray/Rohese de Clare page added
19/10/2010shared070807William de Breuse/? updated
19/10/2010shared070809William de Briouse/Aline de Multon page updated
19/10/2010shared070809John de Briouse/Margaret of Wales page updated
19/10/2010shared070810William de Briouse/Matilda de Clare page updated
19/10/2010shared070811William de Briouse/Matilda de St Valery page updated
19/10/2010c/gm6131367221Reynold de Briouse/Grecia de Briwere page updated
19/10/2010c/gm6131367211William de Briouse/Eva Marshal page updated
19/10/2010c/gm6131367131Humphrey Bohun/Margaret of Scotland page updated
18/10/2010c/gm6131367121Henry Bohun/Maud of Essex page updated
18/10/2010c/gm6131367111Humphrey Bohun/Maud d'Eu page updated
18/10/2010c/gm613136731Humphrey Bohun/Eleanor de Briouse page updated
16/10/2010c/gm613136721Humphrey Bohun/Maud de Fiennes page updated
16/10/2010c/gm613136711Humphrey Bohun/Elizabeth of Rhuddlan page updated
16/10/2010c/gm61313634William Bohun/Elizabeth Badlesmere page updated
16/10/2010c/gm61313622Richard FitzAlan/Elizabeth Bohun page updated
16/10/2010c/gm6131122William Catesby/Joan Barre page updated
15/10/2010Many changesShared family history presentation changed
13/10/2010t/gm511JohnInformation for Emily Elizabeth Maidment (nee Cleverly) changed
12/10/2010GrandchildenPages and pictures added for Megan Rose and Amy Grace
16/09/2010c/gm021Eli Sanders and Sarah Anne Hixxon death dates added & amended
25/08/2010c/gm6131111Roger Wake and Elizabeth Catesby page updated
21/08/2010c/gm51111William Kynge and Agnes Conqueste page added
21/08/2010c/mainmattree511William Kynge & Agnes Conqueste Tree added
21/08/2010c/gm5131Lawrence Kynge page updated
21/08/2010c/gm5121Thomas & Anna King page updated
21/08/2010c/gm5111Thomas & Sarah King page updated
21/08/2010c/gm531Thomas & MaryKing page updated
20/08/2010c/gm61331Baldwin Wake page updated
19/08/2010c/gm613131Richard Wake page updated - pictures added
19/08/2010c/gm6132Robert Wake page updated - pictures added
19/08/2010This pageTable added showing recent updates to website
19/08/2010c/gm6131111Margaret la Zouche added as wife of William Catesby
16/08/2010c/gm6132Burial date/place for Robert Wake added
14/08/2010c/mainmattree61311722Tree added for Christine Maternal 23xGt Grandparents - De Clare & Kings of England etc
14/08/2010c/mainmattree6131172Tree added for Christine Maternal 20xGt Grandparents - Despencer & De Clare
14/08/2010c/mainmattree613117Tree added for Christine Maternal 17xGt Grandparents - La Zouche & Despencer
14/08/2010c/mainmattree61311Tree modified for Christine Maternal 14xGt Grandparents - La Zouche added
14/08/2010c/mainmattree6131References to Royal Lines added for Christine Maternal 11xGt Grandparents
13/08/2010main jervisA new grandson arrives - Jervis Michael Reese Brown
09/08/2010c/gm6131111Pictures from Blisworth Church added
07/08/2010t/mainmattreeTree modified for Tony Maternal 5xGt Grandparents - Packer added
07/08/2010t/gm6633Daniel Packer page added
07/08/2010t/gm6622Daniel Packer added as parent of Arthur Packer
06/08/2010t/gp51111Links to wills modified for Nicholas and Alice Tanner
06/08/2010t/gp511Links to wills added for Francis and Florida Tanner
06/08/2010t/gp511willsetcWill page added for Francis and Florida Tanner
04/08/2010t/gm611Link from Eliza to her webpage added
04/08/2010t/gm511JohnJohn Cleverly's webpage updated
04/08/2010t/gp611Links to wills added on Charles and Martha Butler's page
04/08/2010t/gp611willsetcWills page added for Charles and Martha Butler
04/08/2010t/gp522Links to wills added on William and Jane Rawlings' page
04/08/2010t/gp522willsetcWills pageadded for William and Jane Rawlings
04/08/2010t/gp533Links to wills added on William and Mary Rawlings' page
04/08/2010t/gp533willsetcWills page added for William and Mary Rawlings
04/08/2010t/gp5211Link added to Will for Walter Smith
04/08/2010t/gp5211willsetcWill page added for Walter Smith
04/08/2010t/gp521Link added to Will for William and Sarah Tanner
04/08/2010t/gp521willsetcWill page added for William and Sarah Tanner